The news of the unexpected death of a just 13-year-old school student, Isabella Alexander NZ from an experimental job of the covid virus is surfacing on the internet. The reports claim that the girl was a student of St Marys College in Ponsonby, Auckland. After receiving covid resistance jab on a trial basis, her body get negatively affected and she died on the spot. Isabella was in the final year of her college.

No one knows her decision to take covid jab will take away her from this world. On social media thousand of people shares condolences and tributes. The family members are deeply heartbroken by the terrible incident. We will discuss everything about the incident in detail. So keep reading.

Who was Isabella Alexander NZ?

Isabella Alexander was 13 years old college student. She was a resident of Auckland. She was studying at  St Mary’s College in Ponsonby before her death due to cardiac arrest. Not much information is available on our servers related to her at this time. 

Isabella Alexander Death

Lisa Lou on Facebook claims the death of a 13-year-old girl after receiving experimental covid 19 injections. Her body showed immediate side effects to the experimental jab. Sources also confirmed she died because of the heart attack. Her blood clot in the heart cause impediment in the blood flow. the news is getting momentum on social media spaces. So many shares RIP messages.

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Several internet netizens demanded the responsible person for this carelessness. For family and close relatives, this is not less than the end of their world. Their 13-year-old innocent child is set to complete the final year is no more. Our deepest condolences to them.  “I hope the parents make a huge fuss, bless their love and hugs to them hope they make their voice heard loud and clear, will be hard for them but necessary”

Sue Grey wrote on Facebook “Breaking News: Confirmed: First NZ schoolgirl Vax death – the tragic early end to an innocent life- two weeks post jab. I’m hoping the hospital and family will ensure D-dimer testing and an autopsy and report this to CARM. Please stop now. #notonemorechild”

“So pathetic, no mention of this on the six news; but if this was one covid death or even more cases, the whole country is at risk of worse lockdowns. This makes me sooooooooooo angry!!!!! I do feel so sorry for this young girl, it makes me hope that none of this happens to my SCHOOL BUS PASSENGERS who are a neat bunch of kids!!!!” said on facebook. 

One wrote reacting to the death “It is such brutal bad taste when Facebook attaches to this sad post WHO’s a maniacal and false statement that “COVID-19 vaccines go through many tests for safety and effectiveness and are then monitored closely”.

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Another wrote “According to one Head USA Hospital Covid specialist Dr, only one person less than 18 years has actually died of covid in the USA that didn’t have serious comorbidities. There’s 85 x more people in the USA than in NZ. The statistical evidence to date suggests that the vaccine will kill more well children than the virus will. To continue would be child genocide by Govt stupidity. An experimental vaccine should not be used on children. No one should ever be pressured to take an unproven experimental drug that has known side effects that include death. Ardern is a traitor to the children of New Zealand.”

How did Isabella Alexander Died?

The cause of Isabella Alexander’s death is cardiac arrest which is the direct fallout of covid 19 experimental jab. We do not have enough information like whether this happens under the supervision of experts or not and whether she was having any other disease. Our team is trying its best to collect more facts related to the matter. Once we were successful, we will update his blog earliest. 


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