We are announcing with heavy hearts that Neal Chance Racing Converters founder Neal Chance is no more among us. He left this world recently. The news was confirmed by different sources. No doubt Neal’s death is a great loss to drag racing. People on social media sharing heart-melting and mourning messages. Those who met him personally sharing their beautiful memories and moment spent together.

Neal Chance Death

From the post on social media platforms, one can figure out his popularity, love, and support for him among the general public. Neal changes death loss can’t be compensated in the racing world. He will always be remembered no matter how far he is physically from his fans and known.

Who is Neal chance?

Neal Chance was the founder of Neal Chance Racing Converters, a Technology based company designing Racing and street billet torque converters. According to their profile, it was home to  The World’s Fastest Automatic Doorslammers. He does not have any wiki page on the internet.

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If you talked about social media then Neal was active on Facebook, Instagram, etc.  On Instagram, chance_converters has around 1,579 followers at the press time. On the Facebook page, around 12,114 people follow. Personal information like age, net worth, wife are not known to us at the moment. But don’t you worry we will update our blog soon.

Neal Chance death

Our prayer goes with the whole Neal Chance Racing Converters family. They are deeply broken by Neal Chance’s unexpected demise. It is heartbreaking The person who contributes a lot to drag racing is no more between us. From time to time Neal received awards for his work. Like he was respected by Ozark Raceway Park Honors.  On social media his colleague and known sharing unforgettable moments to revive the existence of Neal. He was a cheerful and motivating soul according to many.

Murder Nova comments “Making this post with a heavy heart. We’ve lost a legend to the sport of drag racing. Neal Chance was without a doubt a pioneer of the fast-door car world that we love. Neal built me my first th400 for the Murder Nova. I remember I met him at the casino to pay cash and then he went inside to do some gambling lol. I always enjoyed every conversation I had with him. RIP Neal”

He was dearly missed by his known.  And these kinds of posts are proof of this “The world lost a great man and Icon. My condolences go out to the Neal Chance Racing Converters family. Neal always had a smile on his face and a great attitude to go with it, he will surely be missed by all.” said one on the internet.

“The racing world has lost two spectacular men. Neal Chance and Toby Vitatoe we’re not only integral figures in racing, they were also amazing people. I am deeply saddened to hear of their passing and ask all of you to pray for their families. These men left a lasting mark on this world. My first ever 2.10 ratio T400 performance transmission with a transbrake in 2nd and nitrous converter came from Neal Chance. It’s undeniable that he was one of the best not only in business, but also as an individual. Toby and WYCO Racing ran flawless street (and track) races not only in Kansas City, but throughout the country. He is known to so many of us as not just a guy who passionately loved drag racing, but also as a truly kind and positive person. Please remember to cherish the great people in your life. Rest In Peace my friends.”

How did Neal Chance die? Cause of Death Revealed

Neal Chance’s cause of death is never disclosed. Family members also did not reveal anything about the circumstances around his death. Maybe they are not in the condition to share any detail about their loving once death.

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Our full sympathy goes with them. Once they unveil facts related to Neal Chance’s obituary we will inform you earliest. “We have just lost one of the best drag racing legends ever tonight! All the racers and employees at Kansas Dragway are sending prayers to the Family of Neal Chance! He just past on! God Speed sir!!!!! You will be missed”

Chance Transmissions wrote “Our hearts are heavy for the passing of Neal Chance. He was one of the founders of Chance Transmissions. He will be dearly missed. But for those who trust in the Lord Jesus as their personal savior will see him again! Neal was a faithful believer in Jesus so as we mourn we also celebrate knowing that he is with him in Heaven!”

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