We are saddened to inform you about the tragic death of a 19-year-old girl, Daniela Disanto. According to the sources, she was found lifeless under Hilliard Rd. bridge. The bridge is near the rocky river of the country. She belongs to Cleveland, Ohio. After the news of her death broke out on social media, so many shares condolence and tributes with the family members. It was really rare when we see these kinds of heartbreaking cases. We pray her soul rest in peace.

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19- Year-Old, Daniela Disanto

Daniela Disanto Found Dead

Daniela Disanto has been found dead near Hilliard bridge Rocky river. The family members and relatives are in great shock. It was also confirmed by the sources that she was missing from her house for last some days. We can understand what family and relatives are going through at this time. Our full sympathy goes with them. So far there is no official statement clarifying the situation around her death. There are so many questions turned up after Daniela Disanto’s dead body was found out.

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So many prayers and pouring messages are shared on social media. Here are some heart touching messages from the social media users:

“Me and my daughter saw a young woman on top of the bridge yesterday crying on the phone with a cop standing with her.
If this was was a friend/family of this Daniela that we saw yesterday- we thought about you for the rest of the day and were worried. We are so sorry for the loss of Daniela to anyone who may have known her.”
“My heart breaks for her family and friends. May God send his unending comfort, love, healing, strength and support to her mother, father & sister. Prayers for you all. 🙏🙏🙏”


“This breaks my heart. This is such a tragedy and ashame. Ashley and her were such good friends. She will be missed. Our heart goes out to the family and all her friends.”

“Praying for you Nicole and your family! May she rest easy and never be forgotten! I lost my brother 4 months ago and I know the heartache you are feeling 💛💛”

“I love you and miss you Daniella, diving practices with you made me so happy, I cannot believe you’re gone”

Cause of Death

So far we have not found out any information about Daniela Disanto’s cause of death. The family members haven’t talked about the same in public. But we are sure it will be revealed very soon. kindly Stay connected with us for further details.

Daniela Disanto

Daniela Disanto was a 19 years old cute girl from Cleveland, Ohio. She was in the media limelight because of her dead body found under the Hilliard bridge. The bridge is built on the Rocky River. Her personal information is not mentioned anywhere.

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