Arresting news of Brother Polight aka Michael Noak is becoming viral on social media platforms. He was charged and arrested for raping a minor. Be on the blog to know more about Arrested Rapper Brother Polight and his charges. 

Michael Noak Arrested

Brother Polight is an American Rapper and popular Youtuber Enlightened brother, who has become a common trending controversy on social media. He has recently been arrested on charges of Rape of a minor. Bro Polight is the stage name of the rapper, and his real name is Michael Noak.

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Some sources revealed, Previously when he was in prison, Brother Polight started focusing on consciousness and left the gang life. He gives out opinions on several topics and talks about improvements within the community. Brother Polight’s name is heavily trending on Twitter as he is being accused of being a pedophile and raping a minor.

Michael Noak Aka Brother Polight

Brother Polight Charged

Our sources confirmed that Michael Noak aka Brother Polight got arrested for raping his girlfriend’s underage daughter, who was 14-years-old. The news was first made public by the popular Youtuber “UNWINEWITHTASHAK” on a live stream. The video had more than 81k views within 6 hours of live streaming.  This is really shameful news for the rapper community especially for the people who love Brother Polight.

As per the reports of Jordan Thrilla, Michael Noak was arrested in Miami and is currently out on bail.

Many people treat Brother Polight as their mentor and ideal but because of this news, they all are shocked. No doubt that this news makes a negative effect on the reputation of rapper Brother Polight.

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Charges of Michael Noak is not yet come out from any official sources. But we are continuously working on it.

Rapper Michael Noak, Personal Info

He was born on August 10, 1983, and as of now, his age is 38 years old. He is quite active on Instagram with 310k+ followers. His Instagram profile shows that he was very popular on social media platforms.  His Net worth details are not yet available to us.

Michael Noak’s girlfriend is Orocho.

Michael and Orocho had been together for almost a year when the incident took place. The name of her daughter is still private, but she is known as TS. Orocho’s daughter is 14 years old. We are continuously looking for more information on this.

People especially supporters of Michael Noak are shocked by this news, they are continuously tweeting and writing their thoughts on social media. Here are some tweets and posts from public:

“Brother Polight arrested for raping his ole lady 14 year old daughter. I’m not against polygamy but I am against pedophilia.”


“That’s why you can’t trust these fake Deep as clowns. And my daughter ain’t going nowhere with no grown man. This is sad”

“I’m not trying to judge Poorlite, but you can look at that man and tell there’s something sinister about him.”

“He called men a rapist, now he is being accused of being one with a lot of evidence. Gal 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

“According to YouTube content creator @unwinewithtashak Brother Polight was arrested in Miami, and charged with the rape of his girlfriends 14 year old daughter.”

“Brother Polight Arrested for ” Allegedly” Giving drugs an alcohol to his girlfriend’s 14yr old daughter and having inappropriate relations with Her – SMDH….”

“Pan Africanist” African “conscious NY street corner leader” Brother Polight arrested for allegedly r@ pin & sexuak assaulting girlfriends 14 yr old daughter.”


“Brother Polight arrested in Miami FL last night for raping a 14 year old girl, daughter of one of his 4 wives! #TheSpiritualShadeRoom Smfh, due time.”



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