Recently assaults have been reported in Beverly Hills. A man name Jason Raich reportedly punches and uses racial abuse at a Canadian woman. The victim’s name is Jennifer Chen who is waiting for her son in the parking lot. the incident was originated when she take the time to park the car in the lot. Jason Raich’s racial slur shows the hate towards Asian people. now the woman is demanding justice for whatever happened to her at the spot. So far there is no arrest in the case which further intensifies the matter among social media users. We will talk more about the subject below.

who is Jason Raich?

Jason Raich is 43 years old, Marketing Consultant at Stay-at-Home Parent according to his LinkedIn profile. He s a permanent resident of  Beverly Hills, California, United States. His personal informant like age, family is not aviabl with us at the moment. his recent act of assaulting a woman physically now becomes a matter of public attention. He was receiving so much criticism on the internet and social media platforms for his act. Internet netizen demanding his immediate arrest for the crime. 

Jennifer Chen Get Assaulted

Jennifer Chen was physically assaulted in such a way that he get a fracture in the teeth. Jason Raich did not mercy to see the bloody mouth of the lady. Instead, she consistently punches her and uses abusive language including racial slurs. From his action, it was cristal clear the person hate Asian racial people. On social media many helping to get immediate justice in the matter. For your kind information, the lady has already filed a complaint with Los Angeles Police Department. We hope the investigation goes fairly and the culprit received adequate punishment under the law.

“Jennifer Chen: sucker-punched in the mouth twice, while seated, gets out of the car, follows the guy, Jason Raich, with her phone camera, making the ID easier If only Jason Raich had the guts of this young woman.”

“Chen, 30, was sitting on the driver’s side when the alleged attack occurred by a man later identified as 43-year-old Jason Raich. She was waiting for a female friend who was picking up her son — Chen’s godson — from the learning center. Chen said she obtained information about her attacker from the learning center. Surveillance video from the parking lot shows a man approaching a vehicle and swiftly extending his hand through the driver’s window. Shortly after, a bleeding Chen filmed herself chasing her alleged assailant up an escalator.” wrote Narciso Limsiaco Ner

Is There Any Arrest?

As mentioned there is no arrest in the case so far. Los Angles authorities are on their job to investigate the issue. But surely we will update you when there is any information from the police department. Many on the internet show support for Jennifer for been strong and courageous to film the man’s identity.

Kira wrote “#StopAsianHate on 15 Sep a white man randomly walked up to Jennifer Chen and punched her face. he broke her teeth, tore her lips, and gave her a concussion. it all happened ON CAMERA, but the @LAPDHQ aren’t charging Jason Raich with a hate crime”



One thought on “Who Is 43-year-old Jason Raich ? Physically Assualted Asian Woman, Arrested or not”
  1. Disgusting jerk beating up Asian woman for no reason. I hope the cops will nail him soon but given the racism in the police force don’t expect a swift response if any at all
    Welcome to Beverly Hills !

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