A legendary South African director named Frans Marx has recently been confirmed dead at 79. His death news is circulating on all social media platforms. His great directing and filmmaking skills give him the fame of a legendary Moviemaker. We mourn on the Death of Frans Marx and pass our deep condolence to the family of the deceased. We will learn more about it further in the article. 

Who is Frans Marx?

The popular director Frans Marx got his fame by his work in Egoli: Place of Gold and Ager elke man. He comes under the list of the best South African movie directors. His movie directing talent has fans and followers from corners of the world. His Smooth movie-telling skills were always be remembered no matter he died or alive. You can get more about his work on his IMBD Page. 

Many of his movies have become the hit of his time. Frans never shares anything about his personal life including his children and wife on the internet.  But sources claim that he has a son, a daughter, and a granddaughter. We pray got gives strength to his family. 

We will update this article further in the future. 

One Facebook User Posted:

SA actors, film and television industries owe the pioneer of weekday soapies, icon #FransMarx, a debt of gratitude. His multicultural bilingual soap opera launched in 1992, Egoli-Place of Gold, screened on Mnet, not only set the tone and became the local benchmark for the genre.

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Frans Marx Death

The legendary film director Frans Marx has died at the age of 79. On Saturday evening, Frans takes his last breath and left this world with this incredible film-making history. His Death news is confirmed by his family on Sunday and revealed his Cause of Death as covid-19 positive. Our Team is working on collecting more sources related to his cause of death. May his departed soul rest in peace. 

The covid-19 virus already becomes the cause of many celebrities’ death and now this list is joined by famous director Frans Marx. We heartily feel bad for the family of Frans who lost their family member in this pandemic. 

After fighting a long battle with the coronavirus, Frans Marx didn’t make it to the right side of things. He met his demise on Saturday evening at the hospital he was admitted. 

We forward our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. 

One Facebook User Said:

“Dear Franz Marx… May your soul rest in heavenly peace…”

Frans Marx never shared many details about his wife. He was believed to be single at the time. 


Sources claiming that Frans Marx was at his 79. Further details related to his personal life will update soon in the article.

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