A 7 years old girl name Allison Coleman was trending recently after the news of her death broke out on social media platforms. She reportedly died after receiving the jab of covid 19 vaccine. The Australian government initiated the process of vaccinating 5-11 years old children in the wake of insanely spreading omicron cases in the country. As the vaccine has already started and many children are done with the vaccine and some are still on the queue to get the same there came this rumor of the death of 7 yeas old girl. the news of her death was claimed by some social media account. We will discuss the girl’s death in detail further in this blog. So keep reading. 

who was Allison Coleman?

Allison Coleman was 7 years old girl who hails from Australia. She made news headlines after some social media accounts share information about her death. The reason was said to be the covid virus vaccine. Allison recently got the jab of the covid 19 virus after the official announcement of the Australian government.  The government allowed the kids between the age of 5 to 11 years can get the vaccine from the center. The move was taken considering the high vulnerabilities and risk exposure of children to the virus. The virus could attack their fragile immune system and lead to many problems. In view of this, the administration decided from January 2022 onwards the vaccination centers in the nation are allowed to vaccinate children between the stipulated age group. 

Allison Coleman Death

According to the viral reports, Allison Coleman was vaccinated by receiving Pfizer on 11 January. Later her body showed negative implications and shortly she passed away. Due to a lack of information on the authenticity of the reports we can’t validate any single detail. Our team is working to collect more data to bring more clarity to the news. But as of now, we do not have enough sources to back these rumors. Also, there is media attention over the same which further raises doubts over the truth of the Allison Coleman vaccine death. We will keep you updated with all the latest findings you just need to patiently wait for our next update on the news. 

Here is what a Facebook user posted following the news


Liz Palme commented on the news “This is just ONE Of many. During these times one can not even glance at the mainstream media for the truth. Look up the Vaers report. Almost 300 deaths of children from the jab IN THE USA ALONE. The MMS, Big tech, governments, hospitals. They are in their together. People must unite and stop before millions, yes millions die from the jab. “

Another said, “Those that have approved the use of these vaccines and those in the supply chain all the way to those that administer these vaccines are all culpable of murder!”

Allison Coleman Pfizer

Whether the girl died or not after receiving the Pfizer vaccine is a matter of further investigation. But these kinds of rumors do have created panic in the parent’s minds over the safety of these vaccines. Kathi Newell said on Facebook “I would love for this to be fake news 😢”

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