A few days back in the month of January a middle-aged man name Gary Billings Basildon was missing since then police have been in the consistent search of the man. Recently they have found out his dead body which broke the hearts of family and friends. He hails from Essex and is reported to be missing from 8 January 2022. As per the reports, he died of committed suicide. Although not much about the reason has been declared yet in the public domain. The family members are left numb and shocked by the incident. They have never imagined something like this. Many mourn the passing of Gary by sharing RIP messages on social networking sites. We will discuss more him later in this blog. So make sure you keep reading.

Gary Billings Found Dead

He was last sighted wearing a navy Moncler jacket, blue pants, and Nike sneakers a few days ago. But after that, no one knew where he went. Family members even did not disclose anything over missing. Here is what Essex police wrote

“Officers carrying out a search for Gary Billings, who had been missing from his home in #Basildon, have located the body of a man.

Tragically, the body has now been identified as Mr. Billings.

Mr. Billings’ family members are now being supported by our officers.”

Some sources claim that Gary billings was a kind-hearted, healthy and lively man who always care for his people. People enjoy his company and never feel anything wrong with him which caused him to end his life. The way he met his end is really a matter of concern. Many people on social media shares condolence and tributes with the family and relatives over losing a loving member. One commented “if some people don’t know, the west ham family lost a great man by the name of Gary billings, he first went missing and now has sadly passed, really sad to see this news, and my condolences to his family for this difficult time. Rest easy my friend!”


“I can’t believe such a good man like Gary has gone from this world 😥 my thoughts go out to Gary’s family and friends on this terrible time. RIP Gary.” said another. 

who was Gary Billings Basildon?

As per the sources, Gary Billings was 37 years old based in Basildon, Essex. He was a successful businessman by profession. He was the founder of the International Primate Protection League (IPPL). Not much about his personal and professional life is revealed by the sources. Gary was making news headlines after the news of his missing broke out in the public domain on 8 January.


The case was registered immediately by the family members after their hope started to wobble. The police investigated the issue but fails to find out his location until the body founded on January 13. The saddening news got immediate media attention and circulated all over the social media spaces. 

Gary Billings Suicide reason

So far the Essex police have not commented on the reason behind Gary billing’s suicide. Also, there is no information from the family on this context. As he was physically and mentally well then what causes him to take this step of ending the beautiful life is an important question. We will let you know if anything new came up in the story. 

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