Our team recently came across the saddening news of famous Radio personality Fez Whatley’s death. Best remembered for his work in “The Ron and Fez Show”. The sources confirmed that Comedian was died at the age of 57 due to heart failure. The news of his death was first confirmed by his friend Ron Bennington on  The Anthony Cumia Show. The information of his death spread like a wildfire in the jungle. Eventually, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are replete with so many RIP and mourning messages. We share our deepest tribute. Our sympathy goes with the family members of Fez.

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Radio Producer Fez Whatley

Fez Whatley Death

Ron Bennington recently confirmed on their social media account that his friend Fez Whatley was no more between us. The famous comedian and Radio personality life loss are great and huge. We can understand how difficult it became for the family members or leftover members of the household to bear this time. Let’s together pray for Fez Whatley his soul rest in peace.

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Cause of death

According to the sources Fez Whatley was confirmed to die of heart failure.  The information about this was given by his friend Ron Bennington. He was just 57 years old when he lost his last breath. Social media flooded with RIP messages after the death news was confirmed by media groups.

“Ron & Fez in its heyday was the greatest radio show ever. Even after Fez’s physical and mental health declined and he barely talked on air, the weirdness he brought to the show has to be completely unique in the history of broadcasting. Rest in Peace, Fezzie. You’ll be missed.”

Bobby Hutchinson reacted to the death: “I’m heartbroken to hear about the passing of Fez Whatley. Fez was a true inspiration in my life and a gentle soul. I will carry the joy and teachings he’s shared with me and always remember him fondly. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones. Rest easy my friend. You will be missed.”

Net worth

We do not have an exact evaluation of Fez Whatley’s total net worth. Some reports estimate the rough data of his net worth which is 2 Million dollars.  We are collecting more information to make this detail more clear as soon as possible.

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Fez Whatley Obituary

No doubt the loss of Fez Whatley’s performance on stage can’t be covered up by anyone. Whenever he tries,  he gives his best and leaves the rest. So many people all over the internet mourn and reacted to the news. Here are some messages by social media users.

Check out cptn geech on YouTube. Every show from 2007-2015 cataloged. I’ve been relistening or about a year and will relisten again when I am done. It was the perfect time in the perfect place in radio and Fez was a huge part of that. Rest In Peace Fez Marie Whatley. #fezwhatley

“Heartbreaking news. I loved Fez so much. The show was never the same for me after he left. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. My deepest condolences to everyone who loves him.”


Fez Marie Whatley was the pet name of Todd Hillier. Born on March 31, 1964. He was a former radio personality and American comedian. He gained so much recognition in his life after the show  The Ron and Fez Show. He started this entertainment show with Ron Bennington.  He completed his graduation from  Pinellas Park High School. His father’s name was Dick Hillier who died on February 24, 2011.  Later on February 24, 2012, he accepts his real gender and came out as gay. After disclosing his real identity to the public he tried best to change peoples view towards gay in society by being outspoken on the subject.



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