Jelani Day, an Illinois State University graduate student who went missing and was later found dead by the authorities is again trending these days after the autopsy report came into the picture.  The boy was missing on August 24 and around one month later his dead body gets located. The recent pathology report of the graduate student is shocking as according to the reports that his some organ is missing and some are completely liquified. Keep reading till the end to discover more facts in relation to the subject.

Who Was Jelani Day?

Jelani Day is 25 years old graduate of Illinois State University. He was missing since 24 August. Later when the case was registered to local authorities they started an investigation. Later on 4 September, his corpse was found drifting in the Illinois River in Peru. He was considered “a brilliant, great, and noteworthy local child”.

Jelani Day's Organ

Whatever happened to him is shocking as well as heart-wrenching. His mother’s name is Carmen Bolden Day who is deeply shaken by whatever happened to her loving child. No doubt this is a hard pill to swallow for a mother to see something like this. We will talk more about him later in this blog.

Jelani Day Organs Missing

Jelani Day is met with a tragic end which is just like a dark dream. His lifeless body was found drifting in the river some days later of his missing and when the parents gave the body for the autopsy they got deeply shaken with the result. It was cleared from the Jelani Day autopsy report, most of his organs are missing.

Autopsy report

The pathology report of Jelani Day confirmed that organs like the liver, stomach, and brain are missing from his body. It was also cleared from the observation by the doctor that his Jelani Day body was flayed. When the parents are not satisfied with the first reports then they request a second autopsy from a private pathologist expert. Besides liver, his jawbone, top and bottom teeth are also not in the place where they should be.

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Family And Friend Mourn

“The family and friends of Jelani Day paid their respects to the Illinois State student at his funeral more than six weeks after his disappearance and death. Investigators found his body in the Illinois River. His death and disappearance remain a mystery.”

“Family, friends celebrate the life of Jelani Day but say the search for answers isn’t over”

“Justice for Jelani and his family!! RIP Sending many prayers of comfort, strength, and help to them at this time! We cannot give up asking questions and trying to find out exactly what happened to him.”

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Organ Harvesting

From whatever happened to Jelani Day indicates the case of organ harvesting. one wrote reacting to the death “This is a clear case of organ harvesting!! What happened to Jelani was inhumane and barbaric and whoever did this I pray they NEVER live the rest of their days in peace. History keeps repeating itself. THIS BOOK IS NOT CLOSED.”

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