A gun manufacturer named JStark is recently comes on social media trends when his death start circulating on the internet. JStark was popularly known as a gun manufacturer and well-cherished internet hero who designed the 2020 3-D pistol carbine known as FGC-9. His Sudden Death news start circulating on the internet on October 8, 2021. We will know more about his Death news in the article.

Who is JStark?

A German respected newspaper ‘Der Spiegel’ reported JStark Death news on October 8, 2021. Sources claim that JStark’s home was raided on October 6, 2021, and 2 days later a warrant was issued and due to this JStark got a heart attack and died on Friday. He was seated in his car by the time of the fatal attack.

A Twitter user CTRLPew has confirmed the news on Twitter:

“It’s a sad time my friends. I can confirm the news that JStark has passed. The drive he brought to development will be dearly missed. I’ll not be offering any details or commentary on his passing or the articles that were written. We are investigating some inconsistencies.”


FGC-9 Creator JStark

More on JStark, he was a member and active creator of the group ‘Deterrence Dispensed’, which advocates and promotes open firearms owning, freedom of speech, code control, and 3-D gun production plus distribution.


He was a hero for many youngsters, on his death news, hundreds of people were posted their heartfelt write up on social media.

One Facebook User Wrote:

“The only way I can guarantee my rights is by being able to protect myself against others who want to take my rights away.”
“If I do not fight for the freedom of speech of someone else who I do not agree with, the next day someone else will take away my freedom of speech. It is the same idea with the right to bear arms. “
Today it was confirmed that JStark, a man who was uncompromising when it came to absolute free speech and absolute right to self-defense with firearms.
Another Facebook Community Wrote:

“He will be missed, but never forgotten.

JStark inspired people all over Europe to begin the nullification of firearms laws. It will take time, but we’re confident he lit a fire that will never die out.
The State cannot, and will never, control the minds of men.”

The group’s pioneer work highlighted the 2020 model called ‘FGC-9’. The gun creation broke the internet, which discussed its 3-D sculpting, the strangely robust design, and the motive of freedom it spoke for. It was more of a symbol than just a mere weapon of a kill. His famous quote is Live with freedom or die.

JStark Death

Sources confirmed that popular internet sensation & FGC-9 creator JStark died from a heart attack on October 8, 2021. His death incident was investigated, and even his autopsy showed no involvement of the third party. There were no force attacks, no chase evidence, and nothing more to remove the layers of the authenticity of the report.

In December 2020, JSatrk was interviewed by Jake Hanrahan for Popular Font Magazine. He spoke about the actual emblem of guns and the freedom of firearms control he was advocating for. His strong government detests led the followers to believe him as a rogue fighter on their behalf

Since the December interview, he was being pursued, and after the police got his address, he was home-raided, and his weapons were taken into custody.

Two days after the raid, he passed away in his car after suffering a heart attack.

RIP JStark

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