We are heartbroken to announce that the world has lost a good friend and mentor to many and a kind-hearted soul whose name is Avi west. The news of his passing away has hit the internet hard. Eventually, When people get to know about the death news, they started sharing tributes and RIP messages. Social media networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp are replete with So many heartwarming messages. Our team also paid the deepest tribute. At the current time, family members and close relatives are in great shock. Their grief is very difficult to express in words.

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Avi West Obituary

The Avi West’s sudden demise is tragic. We did not have any update related to the reason for his death. Avi guided as a mentor to so many people in DC Jewish community. It is still a matter on which everyone has their eyes. We can understand the pain of separation for the family members. Our full sympathy goes for them. We pray that God gives them the capacity to calm down in this testing time.

Someone wrote on facebook “Avi West z”l has left the world too soon. He welcomed and guided Meryl Weissmann and myself on my first substantive encounter with the DC Jewish community in the early 2000s. He was humble, insightful, nurturing and celebratory. Bialik’s After My Death is ringing in my ears. May his family, students and mentees be comforted by his passionate concern for their wellbeing and by chuckling at his puns.

Avi West Death

Avi West z”l:
“Judaism has always maintained that there are standards which demarcate proper from improper, but the tendency of Jewish tradition has historically been to keep those boundaries flexible. … Jewish tradition has recognized that the prayers of every generation must be kept formalized yet fresh through the creative balance of keva (the fixed) and kavannah (the self-directed)…The use of flexible standards could bring an increased measure of tzedek (righteous measure) and a balance of din (legislated goals) and rachamim (taking special needs into account) into our system of sacred education.”
In response to the Avi west death one wrote: “I am so saddened to hear about Avi. We go back to Camp Maple Lake along with Jonny Ariel and my visit to Washington D.C. to learn about Israel engagement in the community. May his memory be for a blessing.”
“I’m reading these tributes to Avi West all morning and remembering him with warmth and deep affection. We were friends throughout elementary school and at camp. We sat side by side in eighth grade and I mainly remember laughing together throughout the school day. We ran into one another a few times throughout the years and his trademark warmth was always there. Condolences to his family and may his memory be a blessing.”
“Very sad, may his memory be for a blessing and wishing condolences to his family. Avi was one of those who I met up with at CAJE nearly each year who was wise and insightful and good company. He had depths of understanding and shared openly and supportively”

Cause of Death

There are so many rumors and beliefs from unknown people on social media. We did not validate any of them because of a lack of knowledge. We are taking pains to gather more information so that, we can clear all your queries and questions. Stay tuned with us. We make sure you did not have to wait long.


Avi West’s personal information is not available on the internet. Also, he did not have any Wikipedia page. So we want you to be patient until we have enough data to show you. 




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