Our team just came across the saddening news of Bede Carmody’s passing. He was a well-known conservationist at Poultry Place Sanctuary who take care of the Poultry birds. He has spent a major portion of his life saving and caring for the lives of animals in his surround. His work gets so much appreciation from the nation as well as from the outside world. Sadly he left this world on  October 20. We will discuss more the circumstances around his death. so keep reading. 

Who Was Bede Carmody?

Bede Carmody was Australian based Poultry birds conservative who work at Poultry Place Sanctuary. In an interview, he disclosed he was brought up in Westmead, Sydney.

Bede was kinds hearted and passionate soul who wanted to change people’s views towards these innocent tongueless lives. He operates A Poultry Place animal sanctuary for more than 20 years offering a safe and sound home to rescued and injured animals. 

The exact age of Bede is not known but from his pictures, he might be in his 60s. He always wanted to make this world better for animals especially birds. The prime time of his life is spent among the Poultry birds at the sanctuary.

Bede Carmody

You can find him on Twitter with 222 followers. He had written “A Poultry Place is a no-kill sanctuary which offers a safe, permanent home to rescued and unwanted poultry (roosters, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese).” in his bio section. 

Bede Carmody Death

Carmody Passing News caused hundreds of hearts to break down into pieces. The person who tried his best to make his surrounded animal secure is now no more between us. The cause of his death is not revealed by the family yet.

Also, there are no reports claiming any heart-related illness in the past week. We will announce it later once official information came out.

Poultry Place Sanctuary 

With respect to Bede’s Death, someone created a Gofundme page to collect some financial help for the further care of his animals.

“Our aim is to raise as much money as possible so that we can help cover the costs for the immediate and ongoing care of Bede’s animals.”

According to the page, The fundraiser is Animal Defenders Office.

“Bede was an advocate of social justice that spanned species, championing the cause of the downtrodden and forgotten, humans and non-human alike, proving that caring for both is not mutually exclusive.”

“Working for many years as he did with Amnesty International as well as campaigning on behalf of his feathered friends and all animals with Animal Liberation NSW and beyond.”


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