One more shocking news of Kaden Bartlett Death has just surfaced online. The death was confirmed by sources on 22 October. The untimely demise of Litchfield High School athletes caused an eruption of questions in minds. Many share heartfelt condolence with the family members for the loss.  The circumstances around his death are still behind the curtains. We will discuss more with him later in this article.

Who is Kaden Bartlett?

Kaden Barlett was  19 years old Owatonna, Minnesota resident. He was studying at Alexandria Technical College. Barlett has wide work experience in the companies like Walmart. He was survived by parents Ray and Shannon.


Kaden bartlett Litchfield mn was also blessed with brothers named Kaleb and Kole. He adopted Christianity by completing the rites on May 26, 2002, at United Methodist Church in Willmar.

Kaden Bartlett Death

His death is shocking news for all those who were associated with him in life. The one who is very close to him is utterly in disbelief after hearing the news. Kaden was always smiling even in difficult times also. There is a lot one can learn from him. That’s why people love him and enjoy his company. Maybe he left but the amazing moment and memories will keep him alive.

Tanya Knigge Smith wrote mourning the demise “My heart breaks for this beautiful family. They are so full of love and give everything they have got to so many. I have been blessed to be part of their life, they are like family to us. Please keep them in your prayers as they endure what no parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt/uncle, or cousin should ever have to go through.”

“Fly high with your beautiful smile, bright eyes, and loving soul sweet Kaden. We will hold your family right. You are loved by so many and will be missed beyond words. Save us a place in Heaven, sweet boy”

So far the cause of his sudden departure is not known. As he was 19 years old his death become a matter of attention for all. There are no reports available that claim any health-related illness in his body. This means there must be some other reason which we don’t know at this time.

Obituary Revealed

There is no authentic information about Kaden Barlett’s obituary until now. We are still searching for more information and will update you shortly. According to sources his body was buried in Eden Methodist Cemetery. There are a lot of people present at the site to give him a last glance.


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