With a heavy heart, it is to be informed to all our readers that famous Rabbi Doctor David Eliach has just passed away. the news of his death was confirmed by many sources on the internet. At the time of his demise, his age is around 99 years old. he was also well remembered for being an honest and hardworking teacher of Jewish children. He shares his piece of knowledge with others in the different areas of Israel and New York City. We will learn more about him further in this blog.

Who was Rabbi David Eliach?

David Eliach was born in 1992 and was 99 years old at the time of his death.  He used to teach Jewish children in Isreal and later in new york city. In Palestine, he was well known for “Tehran Children”. He has also been principal of Joel Braverman High School. David had spent the prime time of his life serving the children and sharing knowledge and wisdom with the orphan and unprivileged children.

“Rabbi Eliach was one of the founding members of the Joel Braverman High School. He has been an educator, an administrator, and a teachers’ mentor for over six decades. His contribution to Jewish education across the globe is unparalleled and his impact on thousands of students will be felt for generations. “

“The Yeshivah of Flatbush is indebted to Rabbi Eliach for his countless contributions to the teaching of Hebrew and Judaic studies, but, perhaps most importantly, for his Derech Eretz, humble ways, genuine kindness, and an infinite amount of patience. “

David Eliach

David Eliach Death

Rabbi  David Eliach death was confirmed to be on September 30. So many people on social media mourn the death and respected him for everything he did for society. Social media were replete with the RIP and condolence messages. Maybe he left this world but he will always be preserved in the heart of his student forever. The family member has not revealed the obituary details of the legendary doctor yet in the public. We will share soon, once we got the required information.

Itai Eliach wrote “It is with profound sadness that I announce the passing of my grandfather, Rabbi Dr. David Eliach.”

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Cause Of Death

David Eliach circumstance around death is still a mystery. As he was 99 years old it is plausible that he died due to a health-related illness. But there is no official confirmation of the same. Our team is working hard to collect more facts and details to answer your every question.


Pesach Sommer reacted to death “Just hearing word about the passing of Rabbi David Eliach z”l, principal emeritus of Yeshiva of Flatbush, where I went to HS, and later taught. While in HS I had no meaningful connection with him, trying to avoid him, and to stay under his radar. It was during my time teaching at Flatbush that I came to know him. I remember the terror I felt when he sat down next to me at the faculty table.”



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