Popular hairstylist Lyndell Mansfield Death news is hugely circulating on all social media. As per the sources, Lyndell Mansfield has died after being admitted to the hospital because of a brain haemorrhage. We will learn more about her death in the article.

Who is Lyndell Mansfield?

Lyndell Mansfield was one of the popular Hairstylists. She is popular for styling the hairs of many big stars, actors, actresses, musicians, and big celebrities. She also styles the hair of many models in fashion shows like Paris Fashion Week. Her hairstyling skills and passion for her work makes her an ideal ‘GURU’ for many students who want to be a hairstylist. Her Instagram account has more than 10k followers at this point and her recent post is full of the emotional messages written by her fans. 


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One Facebook User Said:

“The last words you left to me – Lyndell Mansfield

I’d like to say Mei 22 years ago I moved here.
I met people like you. We are trail blazers.
It gave me hope there were many of us here.
But I learnt not long after we are one of a kind –
The way we were – so much Love Big heart to my wonderful @itslyndell all the memories we had portobello market to East London we party we laugh/ I made your wedding dress 20 years later you did the beautiful hair for my girl – you will always in my heart forever -“

Some sources also revealed that she is in the hospital right now and has been surviving for her life. A huge number of Twitter and Facebook posts were expressing worries for her life. May she will be fine very soon.

Lyndell Mansfield

Lyndell Mansfield Death

At this point, any strong evidence is not founded by our team which confirmed that she has died. So it may be possible that she is alive now and all the news were just Death rumours. But there is a strong possibility that her Death rumors will become reality soon.

Thousands of Lyndell Mansfield’s close friends and followers were posting emotional and heartbreaking messages on social media. She was a beautiful-hearted personality who will always be missed by her fans, followers, friends, and relatives. We heartily wish that her Death news is not true.

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One of her close friend wrote on Instagram:

“I can’t believe I’m writing this. It doesn’t seem real. You’ve left us early. As always you’re in a hurry to do something and as always, with a bang.
Our long friendship, unconditional.
I love all the things we did together. So many amazing shows. We had so much fun. You are the without a doubt the the most incredible person I’ve ever known. So much energy, so much love and honesty.
A friend, mother, sister and co-creative and not to just to me. You connected with and are loved by so many.
We lived so far away from each other but there was always the hope of the next trip. So I missed you before and now I will miss you forever. Our precious Lyndell 💗💓💕💖🌸💞”


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Hairstylist Dead or Alive

Sources Revealed that Lyndell Mansfield had suffered from a brain hemorrhage, after which she was hospitalized for further treatment. But unfortunately, she takes her last breath in the hospital. But this is not her Actual Cause of Death, As per the sources She died from three cardiac arrests while she was going through the treatment.

Reports confirmed that she was on life support. Her parents, Vivian and Barry, and other family members flew all the way from Australia to London after they heard the news that she was on life support. 

Now, it seems that she will die soon and said a final goodbye to everyone.

Another close friend of Lyndell wrote:

“The devastating news that our beloved girl and friend @itslyndell is currently on life support has left us shook for days & words can’t really express what we are feeling but we send our love and support to Tomio, Lydell’s Parents & friends & her best gal @dawnhindle ♥️”


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Lyndell Mansfield Health

Lyndell Mansfield was on life support. Her close friend named Donna Sullivan organized a fundraiser to collect money for her treatment. This clearly shows that she will die soon. Donna created a Go Fund Me account to supporting the Lyndell family. on this page, Donna wrote:

“Hi there, my name is Donna and I am one of the many to have been devastated by the news that our most vibrant friend Lyndell Mansfield is currently on life support in a London hospital after suffering a brain haemorrhage then three cardiac arrests whilst receiving care.”



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