As we have previously heard the State Police Command asked two parties to get involved in the Christian scandal. It was one of the most viral scandals, we have heard about the who is bhadgurl4k? Chrisland school where a 10 years old girl was gang-raped, the scandal was recorded by culprits. The 10 years old girl really went through so much in that time. As everywhere on the internet people are talking about her. Many netizens are showing interest to know about this.

Who is Bhadgurl4k?

As per the latest updates, we got to know Chrisland School had refused all the allegations against it about the 10 years old girl. The crime was attended to in school by her friends. 

The accused have been suspended from World School Games In Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As per her mother’s claim, her daughter was raped but the authority of the school said that she took part in the truth and dare. And in the game she got dare to have sex with the male if she defeated. 

She was playing this game with her two male friends who had sex with her during the game when this incident was being documented. The recorded video was also posted on Instagram. The clip went viral and tons of users started to circulate it on social media sites, netizens are bent on watching and sharing the clip. We are told from the leads that she was unaware of the fact that she is been recorded all this time. No doubt this is really shocking for the entire family members who are going through a lot since the video came out. 

Chrisland School Scandal

It is a shameful act which was committed by them,  as far as we know on Monday, April 18,  the Lagos Police Public Relations Officer, whose name is Benjamin Hundeyin. Chrisland school Has said that police have started to investigate the matter, and it is going on. Such a shameful act was committed during the trip to Dubai.

It is the fact of the interest that one of the Nigerian superstars whose name is Wizkid’s son, named Bolluwatife Balogun, was also competing in Dubai.

He has revealed that his mother Shola Ogudu that the 10 years old has been participating in the truth and dare game which is why they culminate in a sexual act. Shola has also said that this incident was not rape, her son was attending school plays in Dubai. We are waiting for more official info, as soon as we find more updates we will let you know on the same page, as of now people are searching Bhadgurl4k to have the video.

you might find, that this on the Twitter handle has gone viral in a short time. The investigation is going on, Bhadgurl4k Twitter handle might have posted the video, it can be the reason behind getting viral of the account.

Who is Bhadgurl4k Twitter and who is behind this account? we will let you know very soon with the official info till then stay safe at your home.  We will keep you updated with the latest news and events further in this regard. The investigation is still going on and lots of details are yet to publish. 


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