A UBS financial services employee Bitsy Brennan and her Son Edward Brennan on the news for a racial assault Video with Johnny Martinez. 

A UBS financial services employee named Bitsy Brennan and her Son Edward Brennan has recently come on the Social media trend list when their Video of racial assault on the parking permit auditor guy goes viral. In the video, a mother and her son racially targeted a black parking permit auditor and harassed him by asking what he was doing in their apartment’s parking lot. The video is now viral on all Social media platforms and thousands of netizens were raising their voice on this. We will learn more about this in the article.

Who is Bitsy Brennan?

Bitsy Brennan is a mother who works as a UBS financial services employee. Bitsy Brennan and her son named Edward Brennan recently trended on Social media for their behavior with a parking permit auditor guy. Their video is been trending on Social media and thousands of people were raising their voices against the woman and her son. Everyone is criticizing such ill-mannered behavior of the mother and son duo. We have found the Twitter account of Bitsy. 

Bitsy is graduated from the University of Alabama. Nothing about her husband or personal information is available online but we are working on this and surely find a solution soon. 


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Who is Edward Brennan?

Edward Brennan is the son of a UBS financial services employee named Bitsy Brennan. They both were seen in the video doing racial assault on the parking permit auditor guy named Johnny Martinez. Currently, much information related to Edward is not yet served by our sources but we will update it soon. The film is going viral on Social media and thousands of people were supported Johnny and asked for his justice. 

Bitsy Brennan and Edward Brennan

Bitsy and Edward Brennan Racist Assault Allegations Video Twitter

Bitsy and her son Edward Brennan were accused of racial assault by Johnny Martinez, on Saturday, Nov 27. Johnny wrote the complete story of the incident that happened with him on his Youtube Channel. Johnny said he was checking for car permits in the River House apartments in Nashville on Saturday, after 8 p.m., when he was approached by the “Bitsy” and her son in the parking garage.

He added, “While performing routine parking audit for my employer in the apartment, I was approached by the duo near the elevator. They stooped and didn’t even hesitate to ask me “How did you manage to get in here? you don’t deserve to be here.

On the basis Martinez’s claims, we can conclude that he was just doing his job, they demanded to see his identification, provoking him to pull out his camera and begin filming. The recording of the film has gone viral over social media, slandering the name of UBS employee. Martinez stated that he filed a police report and intends to file charges against the mother and son.

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