In this blog, we are going to talk about Bobbie Arnstein, Hugh Hefner’s Executive Secretary. She died in 1975 with a mysterious death. And the real truth behind the same is still not known to anyone so far. She was making news headlines after the new episode of Playboy which will talk about Hugh’s lifestyle, his past girlfriends, and staff. And when it comes to him, Secretary Bobbie can’t be ignored. That’s why internet netizens wanted to know more about her out of curiosity. Keep reading to explore everything we have collected so far related to Bobbie Arnstein Hugh Hefner

Who was Bobbie Arnstein?

Bobbie Arnstein was born on May 2, 1940, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She was born Roberta Arnstein. She was Executive secretary for Hugh Hefner. He was the founder and editor chief of Playboy magazine. The publication often remains in controversy for the absence and revealing photographs. Not much about her personal life is available to us.

Margo Howard tweeted “episode to go in “American Playboy,” to be a Chicago story. It was not mentioned that Victor Lownes, a partner of Hef’s, came from Yale Lock money. It was not mentioned that Gene Siskel was Bobbie Arnstein’s much younger beau. What was mentioned was that the govt., w/ Jim” 

There is no Wikipedia page of Bobbie. You can find her IMBD profile. In March 1974 she got arrested on the charge of transporting drugs from  Miami to Chicago. But she later denied all the charges and tried her best to prove herself innocent. Further in the January month of 1975, she founded dead. The tragic death at the age of 34 was shocking. In December 1975 the charges dropped following the arrest of two men. 

Bobbie Arnstein Suicide or Murder

As per the reports published following the death of Bobbie Arnstein, she was died of consuming too many sleeping pills. The side effect causes fallout in the gradual death of the lady. But everyone is not satisfied with the reason mentioned. According to her employer Hefner, she was murdered by then-U.S. Attorney James R. Thompson. He further added that Thompson had used her to destroy him. Although he does not have facts and proof of the same. So his allegation did not hold any weight and was ruled out sometime later.

In the context, one wrote “Thompson (later to become IL. Gov.) was the prosecutor who used Arnstein to hang a bogus drug charge on Hef. This was nuts because the man only drank Pepsi. He also didn’t need to peddle drugs to make money. Shame on “Big Jim.”


In the new doc series of ‘Playboy Secrets’, the director aims to reveal many hidden secrets about Hefner. Like his girlfriend, staff, and executive director who met with the mysterious end. We will keep you updated if we received further information from our sources. 

A&E wrote on Facebook “Bobbie Arnstein, Hefner’s Executive Secretary, wanted to be respected for her mind and for her achievements. Find out more during the next Secrets of Playboy episode Monday, February 7 at 9/8c. , wanted to be respected for her mind and for her achievements. Find out more during the next Secrets of Playboy episode Monday, February 7 at 9/8c.”


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