We are heartbroken to announce the passing of Destinee Lashaee who was a popular Trans actor. She was famous for the show “My 600 lb-life“. She touched the lives of millions of people through her performance and embolden thousands of transgenders. Her brother recently mourned her death and revealed the emotional pain she was going through. Some of our sources unearthed that she committed suicide and ended her life on February 3, 2022. Our team extends the deepest condolence to the family members who lost a loving member. 

Matthew Ventress Death

Mathew Ventress was also known as Destinee Lashaee. She was a trans actress popular for her work in the American reality series ‘My 600 lb-life’. The show was created by Jonathan Nowzaradan and has in total of 10 seasons. The series was based on the life of obese individuals. She received a huge fan following and public support after the same.

No doubt Destinee was courageous, bold, and passionate. With so many complications in her life, she never gave up and fight with all the odds in life. Her fan and well-wishers are the constant sources of motivation for her as she revealed once.

In April 2020 she was making news headlines after she filed a lawsuit against the director of the show. She alleged to the director that she was forced to remove her beard for the show. She trans actress later described the emotional stress she went through. 

Hearing the news of her death Story Johnson reacted “If ever you begin to feel like suicide is your only way to beat depression please just talk to someone. I know talking doesn’t always help but it’s worth a try”

We have found her Facebook handle you can check if you wish.  

Who was Matthew Ventress?

The heartbreaking news of Matthew Ventress Death left everyone numb and silent. She was a courageous woman who went through many odds. But the way she met her end is really shocking. As per the sources, she died on February 3. The exact reason behind her demise is yet to unearth. But some rumors claimed that she committed suicide and ended her life.

“I’m so thankful our paths crossed, you fought hard for so long. I know that you are at peace and smiling with your siblings and Mack. Long Live your beautiful spirit.”

Her death was mourned by thousands of her fan following. His brother also posted about her death and revealed the situation she was going through. She is lacking emotional support which might be the biggest reason behind her this step. 

Tasha Shepard wrote recently on social media “Rih Matthew Ventress I got the opportunity to talk to you as Destinee and like Matthew, we talked about you being back in Houston and stopping by the Spa to do a meet and greet if I wanted to do a promo. You had such a big heart and we also talked about you getting clean and how alone you felt.”

Another said “I’m glad I was able to let him know that he was definitely ❤️ and that I love him just as much. Sending my condolences to his family & loved ones. Rest In Paradise”

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