Past few days Brooklyn Police is on the search for a man who reportedly kicked a woman down on the escalator in the Brooklyn Subway station. And now the search is over as the wanted man named Bradley K Hill has been arrested. Bradley kick the woman while she was on the escalator. After the incident took place he flew away from the spot. The CCTV footage in the station covers everything which went viral when someone upload it on the internet. Keep reading to know more about Bradley Hill Brooklyn.

Who is Bradley K Hill?

According to our once source, Bradley K Hill is 32 years old man. His personal information is not shared as the investigation is still going on. He was confirmed to be the culprit of the incident that happened on 9 September in which a woman got kicked hard on the escalator.  He is currently under the custody of Brooklyn police. so far there is no update from their side regarding the further action against the man.

Bradley K Hill Arrested

Bradley K Hill was arrested recently against the allegations of kicking a woman on the escalator. The aftermath of the incident was when the woman went to the police and filed the case with them. The police department immediately registered the case against the charges of assault and started their investigation. The CCTV footage of the Brooklyn Subway station confirmed the man’s face. In the video, he can be clearly seen kicking the woman on her chest with such a force that she fell down more than three steps of the escalator. In this incident, she gets cuts in her arm and legs. And the more confusing thing is that the reason is just a small bitter conversation. “Say excuse me,’ that’s the New York way,’ and that was it,” this is all she said to the man.

Michael Mc also talked about the incident and shared the video f the incident


The woman kicked down escalator

Our team appreciates the Brooklyn Police department for its success in finding out the culprit. This is really sad for our society where the females were are unsafe even in busy places. We hope the police will take adequate action so that he never thought to repeat this again. “She suffered cuts and bruises to her back, arms, legs, right knee, right thigh, and left ankle, but she declined medical attention. “

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