we have encountered again the saddening news of the unexpected death of the American professional wrestler Pete Huge. It was confirmed that he died on 13 September 2021. The cause of his unexpected departure at this age raised so many questions among the fan base of wrestlers. Our condolence is with the family member and relatives who lost such a loving person in their family. Thousand of social media users also paid tributes and includes parents in the prayers. We will discuss more of him further in this blog.

Who was Pete Huge?

Pete Huge was a wrestler by his profession. He belongs to America. At the time of his death, he was 41 years old. With his amazing moves on the ring, he earned so many names in the wrestling industry. Also, he has a decent amount of fan following on different platforms. So far we are unable to find out his personal information like age, wife, net worth. Pete does not have any Wikipedia page on the internet.

Pete was available on Twitter with 881 followers. In the intro of his handle, You will find “i like your nurse’s uniform guy. these are OR scrubs. oh, are they? i’m just a simple cave man. your world frightens and confuses me. retired pro wrestler.”.

“In 2016, he was forced to give up the sport he loved so much due to complications stemming from what doctors diagnosed as traumatic brain injury (TBI), likely acquired from the many matches he participated in.” The information about TBI is given by his brother on the Gofundme page.  “After battling many health issues in the months and years afterward, Peter passed away on Monday, September 13th. He was 41.”

“I know my followers on here are from all over the world, but I wanted to recognize a local Minnesota wrestler who passed away. “Playboy” Pete Huge wrestled here from 1999 until 2016. After he retired, he still contributed to shows backstage and in non-wrestling roles. “

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Pete Huge Death

The wrestling fan is deeply heartbroken with the news of the sudden passing away of American wrestler Pete Huge. So many people including his wrestler friends also mourn the death.  They are sharing heartwarming images of Pete and giving him a final tribute.

Terry Fox said on Facebook “8 o’clock Thursday morning Chris Jordan called me and informed me that Playboy Pete Huge passed away I spent the whole day thinking of him and remembering the first day he walked into the garage in Saint Louis Park. He introduced himself and said he wanted to go Through training that he was wrestling as a Backyarder, so he asked me and Eddie Sharkey to train him. He was always very entertaining, and boy could he work the crowd he always had them eating out of the palm of his hand. I will miss you Pete Huge”

"Playboy" Pete Huge? Cause Of Death, Age, Net Worth, Obituary, Gofundme

Pete Huge really deserves so much because a wrestler’s job is not at all easy. The person who keep his life at the risk only to entertain the viewers is not a normal thing. “It’s not about fancy maneuvers or risky sequences. It’s about providing an escape. Creating an atmosphere of imagination that can only exist between the ropes. That’s what Pete did. He created an atmosphere. It flowed around him everywhere he went.”

“Very sorry to pass on the news that my greatest nemesis, Peter “Pete Huge” Houston has passed away. A mainstay of the Minnesota pro wrestling scene for well over a decade, Pete made appearances in many promotions throughout the upper Midwest throughout his career. “

“Wrestlers call each other brother because of the trust and respect we have for one another. We put our livelihood in our opponents hands and trust our brothers will take care of us. Pete Huge was my brother. We worked together countless times. And we always had fun out there.” Someone said on twitter.

Mr. Jonson reacted to the death of Minnesota pro wrestler Pete Huge “Rest In Peace @petehuge your big heart, and kind nature will be forever missed. Always the highlight of @f1rstwrestling shows, and the only reason I ever spent my hard earned money to attend. You were loved by so many people, and above all, always a good friend. #ThankyouPlayboy”

“Godspeed, “Playboy” Pete Huge. Always entertaining when I’d roll through MN. Thank you for the laughs and the good times. Rest well, sir. 🙏”

“He was honestly one of the best on the Indy scene here in Minnesota but even a better human being. Definitely will be missed. RIP playboy”

How Did he Die?

Pete Huge cause of death is still behind curtains. No one on the internet has cleared circumstances around his death. We believe more information will be clear as the internet netizen showing curiosity towards knowing the cause of his departure. The gofundme page of Pete Huge already started receiving donations from all around the world.

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