We are saddened to announce the sudden passing of a big name in a field of real state that is Brent Bidner. He was a well-known farm manager and successful real estate agent in London Ontario. the circumstances around his death are not revealed at the moment. we will discuss everything we have collected so far in the case further in this blog. So make sure to read till the end.

Who is Brent Bidner?

Brent Bidner was McLean County, Illinois-based real estate agent. He had the experience of over 35 years in the field. Taling about his personal stuff, he completed his graduation from the University of Illinois in Agricultural Economics.

Later because of his passion and consistent hard work he was selected for farm manager by Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers. One report clears that he manages more than  40,000 acres while he was on the post. in 1994 Brent received the title of Certified Farm Manager. 

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Brent Bidner Death

He was making news headlines after sources confirmed Brent Bidner Death. The reason behind his sudden demise on November 22, 2021, remains disclosed.  We have not received any reports related to any health-related illness in his body past weeks. We are regularly checking for more information and keep you updated with the latest facts. 


Brent Bidner Obituary

The family has still maintained silence over Brent Bidner Obituary. No doubt they are greatly shocked by the losing loving member of the family. People sharing condolences and tributes to mark the respect for the farm manager. 

“Brent passed away far too soon and far too young. He had so much to look forward to with his son. Together with his family and friends, a trust fund in Brent’s honor is being set up for Axl.

Everyone that knows Brent, knows that he loved Axl with everything he had and wanted the best for his “Little Man”. At only 18 months, Axl has his whole life ahead of him, many milestones and experiences that Brent would have done anything to be a part of, to celebrate and cheer him on.”

Many took their social media handles to express their grief over the recent devasting news. for So many newbies and interns in the field consider Bidner as the mentor and leaned a lot to become successful like him one day. Someone has already created Gofundme Page to give monetary support to the family member. 

This past weekend my friends and I lost one of our own, it still hasn’t hit me that we will never talk again, laugh again or create new memories together.

We’ve created a gofundme to raise some funds for his 1-year-old son Axl. If you knew Brent or met him along the way please do what you can so we can take care of little Axl for Bidz. Please share as you see fit. Love you, buddy, We got Axl.”

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