Booke Preston was murdered at the hands of her best friend Randy Herman. People were curious to know more about Brooke Preston’s death. 

Our team has recently found a new Trending Topic on the internet about the tragic death of Brooke Preston by her best friend Randy Herman Jr. A documentary on the true story of the sleepwalking murder case is being released by Hulu. The news is trending on Social media and all over the internet and making people curious to know more about the Brooke Preston Murder case. We will take a deeper look at the article later.

Who is Brooke Preston?

21 years old Booke Preston was living with her roommate Randy Herman Jr. They both were from Wyalusing, Pennsylvania but they moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. She was there to live with her sister but she ended up being a roommate with Randy. Brooke Preston becomes the victim of the Philadelphia sleepwalking murder case. She was killed on  March 25, 2017, in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States. Currently, she is not on Wikipedia. But we will reveal everything here which is available anywhere on the internet.


Booke Preston and her roommate Randy Herman had known each other since they were youngsters and had lived together in the home where she was attacked for more than six months according to her sister. Her body was discovered from the residence after Herman called 911 and reported the incident himself.

Philadelphia Sleepwalking Murder Case

This is really mysterious murder case you have ever heard of in your life. The weirdest thing, in this case, is that this incident is caused by sleepwalking. Herman said the murder was caused while he was sleepwalking according to E Online. Blood droplets were found heading into the residence, according to investigators. Preston’s body was discovered inside, under a blanket. According to sun-sentinel, Investigators claim Herman informed them later in the day that only he and Preston were inside the house, thus “he must have done it.” Randy was found guilty of first-degree murder of Brooke’s murder by a jury in 2019 and sentenced to life in prison. His defense of sleepwalking was rejected by the court.


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