Who Is Brian Carlsen, TikTok Star In Trouble After Being Accused Of Sexual Assault: A new name in the Tiktok world is trending these days after being accused of sexual assault. This time Brian Carlsen, a content creator on the famous short video sharing platform is got into trouble after many adolescent females accused him of sexual abuse. Following the allegation, He deleted his account and it is inaccessible now. We will discuss more his personal and professional life. And will also unveil the information we have collected so far on the reported allegations. 

Who Is Brian Carlsen?

His full name is Brian Kent Carlsen. He was blessed to Mr. and Mrs. Joni Pratt on May 03, 1994.  He was a firefighter before and have experience working in some organization. Brian has worked as an intern in Roy City Fire and Craig Golden. Later after matching the demands of becoming a firefighter he worked in Unified Fire.


Carlsen has around 149.8k followers on his official TikTok handle. He often remains in news for criticizing females and passing racist comments through his social media accounts. 

Brian Carlsen Tiktok

Brian Carlsen Tik tok name is Brettsar06. By entertaining videos on the platform, he was managed to amass a lack so followers on his Tiktok account. People enjoy watching his videos. Brian Carlsen became a matter of discussion on social media after some female accused him of sexual abuse and assault. Although there is no proper evidence of the same but this created trouble for the TikTok star. Some sources claim that Carlsen has already deactivated his TikTok account.


Blue wrote “@tiktok_us actively protecting a domestic abuser and enabling to have an active platform spreading #misogyny and #hatespeech toward women and #feminist #brettstars06 #briancarlsen”

We can’t validate whether he was really the perpetrator or not due to a lack of information. It would be too early to jump to any conclusion without deep knowledge of the matter. Our team is working round the clock to gain further facts related to the matter and soon update you on this. 

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