Kim Seon Ho and his ex-girlfriend Choi Young Ah controversy recently catch fire on Social media. A huge number of social media posts, likes, and social shares give fire to Kim Seon Ho and his girlfriend Choi Young Ah controversy. As the controversy goes viral, people were looking for more about Choi Young Ah. Here in this article, we will take a deep look at the ex-couple controversy and also know more about Choi Young Ah.

Choi Young Ah

Who is Choi Young Ah?

Sources revealed that by profession, Choi Young Ah is a weather broadcaster who worked for the YTN weather and KBS. She is a beautiful Tv presenter who started her TV career in 2010. Choi Young Ah and her Boyfriend Kim Seon Ho’s name has recently become a hot topic on the Internet. In a very short time,  a huge audience on the internet became a part of its discussion. Especially on  South Korea social media, people were continuously taking interest in the couple’s controversy.

One Twitte User Wrote:

“There’s some news circulating in the korean sites that the woman (Choi young ah) herself isnt that innocent and they had toxic relationship… and please jangan la baca article from kboo, allkpop, they mostly only want to create controversy”

Another Wrote: Sidy Sarr

#KimSeonHo‘s ex-girlfriend to be revealed: A former broadcaster – divorcée Choi Young Ah, born in 1985 (37 years old), holds a bachelor’s degree in French from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. She used to be a weather forecaster of YTN, then transferred to KBS. #BHDkbiz” 

As of 2021, Beautiful TV Presenter Choi Young Ah is 37 years old. She was born in December 1985 in South Korea. Choi worked as a broadcaster for the YTN weather and later joined the KBS. Her current job is not known. Choi Young-ah, a Tv presenter and model from Korea was known for her elegant beauty on a television appearance. With a height of 1.70 meters, she captivated many viewers with her physical appearance that included long eyelashes while wearing expensive costumes immediately following each episode.

Also ReaD:

Kim Seon-ho ex-girlfriend Choi Young Ah

The rising star, Kim Seon Ho who recently caught in the eyes of the media. As per the sources, he is found in a scandal of forcing his ex-girlfriend to get an abortion. Recently he admitted that while being pregnant with another woman’s child from their previous relationship. This revelation caused many people in South Korea as well as overseas including other countries’ spotlight. One user wrote “Wow! That is so messed up!” The comment went viral and netizens now figured out the name of the Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend.

Choi Young Ah

Kim Seon Ho already apologized for his faults and mistakes. Netizens are looking for a statement from his ex-girlfriend.


One Facebook News Site Wrote:

“On October 20th, Choi Young-ah’s name ranked on the top search of all portal sites and communities after she was revealed to be Kim Seon-ho’s ex-love, who exposed the actor of forcing an abortion.

Born in December 1985, Choi Young-ah has turned 37 years old this year. In 2009, she worked as a YTN weather broadcaster. Since 2010, she transferred to KBS but resigned in April 2013 due to her marriage.”


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