A Shocking News has just been received to our Team that Famous Actress Thembisa Mdoda Passed Away. Although, the News seems false. People were misleading the News and because of this many rumors were also circulating around the web. Let’s know more about Thembisa Mdoda’s tweets.

Thembisa Mdoda

Who is Thembisa Mdoda?

The popular Female actress, multiple award-winning presenters, a DJ, and singer Thembisa Mdoda has recently gone viral on social media for her Death Rumors. She has 1 Million followers on Instagram. She was Born on 16 November 1982 in South Africa. Thembisa Mdoda lost her mother because of pancreatic cancer. Thembisa is also very popular for being a presenter on the Mzansi Magic reality series ‘Our Perfect Wedding’. She has three sisters in her family among one of them is also a radio presenter. Her sisters are Angel Mdoda, Unathi and Zamalisa.

Thembisa Mdoda Death

Thembisa recently posted a Tribute to someone on her Twitter account. But she did not clearly mention who is he/she. But some people understand the tweet in the wrong way and start paying tribute to Thembisa Mdoda Death. This thing goes viral on Social media and becomes Thembisa Mdoda Death rumors. Hundreds of people on the internet are now paying tribute to Thembisa. Although the thing is completely different, Thembisa is alive and absolutely fine.
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Thembisa Husband Atandwa Kani

Thembisa Mdoda was previously married to her husband Atandwa Kani. Atandwa Kani himself is also a popular figure in the South African entertainment industry. He is an actor and known as the son of John Kani. His father is also a prominent actor. As a result, he was exposed to the entertainment industry from a young age. He did qualification in acting. Currently, the couple is no more together. However, we couldn’t find out how they got divorced. 

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