Heartbreaking news just broke out in the public domain related to the sudden demise of America’s popular Actress Carol Speed. She died on 14 January 2022 as confirmed by some sources on the internet. Carol was best known for her work in the horror film Abby released in 1974. The shocking news of her death shook hundred of his fan following completely. Now everyone is mourning the death of an actress and remembering her for everything she did for the entertainment industry in America in the late 1970s. Keep reading to explore more facts related to her personal and professional life. 

who was Carol Speed?

 Carol Speed was born in Bakersfield, California, the U.S on March 14, 1945. Her real name was Carolyn Ann Stewart. Carol was an actress, singer, and author by profession. She worked in many blaxploitation films and television shows between 1969–1990. With her elegant acting skills, she won the hearts of thousands of people. Her most popular work was as  Abby Williams in the horror film Abby. If you ask about her other films then  The Big Bird Cage, The Mack, and  Black Samson. From a very young age, speed decided to become an actress. In her childhood, she is part of the singing group with her two cousins. Started her career as  Clara Dormin in the NBC series Julia. 


Carol Speed Death

The saddening passing of Carol is really saddening. She was a role model for so many girls and naive in the industry. The family and friends are deeply hurt by losing an integral member of their life. Our team shared heartfelt condolences with them over the irreparable loss. 

Ultra Violent wrote on Facebook “Ultra Violent is mourning the loss of blaxploitation legend Carol Speed. While our heroes continue to die, celluloid is forever. Enjoy a secular memorial via re-watching Abby, Disco Godfather, or one of the several other classics in which Carol Speed stole the show. She will never be forgotten.”

How did the actress die?

As of now the exact reason behind her death is still unknown. The family has still maintained silence over the circumstances around which she died. Although she is around 76 years old it was likely that she died of a health-related illness. But we will confirm once we have more information. We are checking our sources and will back with more facts soon. 


One commented on the news “I am seeing reports, Rudy’s co-star in DISCO GODFATHER, passed away 1/14/2022. She graciously provided an interview on her involvement in the film for the Rudy Ray Moore biography. RIP.”

Many social media users mourn the passing of a legendary actress. One said “Just found out Carol Speed died. Rest well. Thank you for being a part of all the movies I wasn’t supposed to be watching and I am pretty sure made me a better person.”

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