Recently an emerging Youtuber  Sappho Zoo is trending after the rumors of her arrest broke out all over social media, especially on Twitter. The reason behind her arrest was said to be grooming allegations and supporting zoophiles. She was alleged with grooming a 14-year-old boy. Although we can’t confirm that allegation as there lack of authentic details on the same. Going through the Twitter comments, it looks like people are happy with her arrest. Some are even celebrating following the news made public. Keep reading to discover more about her. 

Sappho Zoo Arrested

There are some Twitter handles claiming Sapphire arrested. But due to a lack of information, we can’t validate any of those reports. Internet netizens are curious to know exactly what happened to her. Our team is still measuring the sources and collecting data. We will update you on her arrest rumors once we have stringent proof back with facts. 


One wrote criticizing Sappho “This needs to stop, there are young children (minors) on here thinking it is okay to be a “zoophile”. People like Sappho have told YOUNG children that this is okay. This is not okay at all, any young zoos, please know that this is not okay!”

who is Sappho Zoo?

Sappho Zoo is a young and passionate YouTuber who has around six thousand subscribers on the platform.  Not much about her personal life is known to us at the moment. She never shares her personal information with her follower on social networking sites. Even Sappho never shared her face on the clips she uploads on youtube. If you ask about her real name then she is born as Valorie. Many people also know her as Hypnotist Sappho. She often published VR Chat videos on the channel. In her description, she has written “Hi! I play a lot of VRC and do hypnotism work of different varieties~ I like to make people feel good, loved, and cared for”.

Back in the month of September last year after her video in which she claims to be a zoophile. After the video, she received immense backlash on social media that she did not get attracted towards humans instead she have an interest in dogs. 

One wrote on Facebook “Yo, anti-zoos, we expose, and report, that way they get the help they need or get locked up. What we DON’T do is bully a 14-year-old to the point of suicide, and we DEFINITELY DON’T CELEBRATE THE SUICIDE OF A MINOR TRYING TO ESCAPE SAPPHO’S ZOO CULT!!! What the actual fuck is wrong with people.”


Why did Sappho Arrest?

According to the rumors spreading all over social media related to her detention, grooming allegation and offense are the main charges. Some say she get arrested for being a zoophile. But as of now, we have doubt due to no authentic source backing these rumors. Also, there is no response from her social media space on her youtube denying these claims. 



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