who was chris donah and what was his cause of death? Curse Of Oak Island Passed Away: Chris Donah who was a teacher at A.A. Kingston Middle School passed away recently. He was well known for playing role in the popular ‘The Curse of Oak Island’. His sudden passing was confirmed by many sources on the internet. People mourn and shared RIP messages on the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook. Our team also paid the deepest tributes and include the family members in our prayers. 

who was chris donah?

Chris Donah was Potsdam based teacher. He used to teach at  A.A. Kingston Middle School. People remembered him for being a part of the multi-season reality television series The Curse of Oak Island. The story of the series is based on a thrilling attempt to uncover the mystery of Oak Island.


Apart from this, Chris was passionate about doing his own researches on the island. He always felt excited to uncover the mystery of unknown islands. Also, Chris had been a basketball coach. His student thrives a lot in the game under his guidance.  He was born in 1966 and around 55 years old when the news of his sudden passing came out in the public domain. 

His complete name was Christopher R. Donah people called him Chris. Information about his marital status is yet to reveal as there is no Wikipedia page based on him.  

Chris Donah Oak Island No More death

The saddening news of Chris Donah Death has left everyone numb and speechless. The reason behind his sudden passing is still a matter to uncover. So far there is an official notice or anything which clears the cause of demise. Our team is working to collect more data on the circumstances in which he left us. And soon we will update you with our findings. 


Until now there is no notice or information from the family or relative revealing his Chris Donah obituary details. Our team is looking for their response on the same. there is no doubt they are deeply shocked with the losing the loving family member. 

“It’s with a grieving heart that I need to tell you that our friend Chris Donah passed away today. I don’t currently have all of the details. A friend and colleague who knew how close we were, just delivered the news.”

Social networking sites a flooded with the prayers and mourning messages following the news. Many wrote heartfelt messages and beautiful memories which they are left with after  Chris Donahue passing. 



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