who is louis saha matturie and what were his charges arrested jailed wiki: According to the sources, louis saha matturie has proven guilty with four charges of rape by the Eccles Court. He is now a sex offender assigned to Edwin Court alongside Manchester City’s left-back Mendy. Recently his name is been trending on the internet and making people curious to know more about him. In this article, we will know all about the louis saha mattori.

who is louis saha matturie?

louis saha matturie has become a trending gossip on the internet. Thousands of people were continuously posting their thoughts about him on social media. Sources confirmed that he has been proven guilty with four charges of rape by the Eccles Court. He has been indicted for criminal offenses involving sexual misconduct with different girls, two over the age of 16 and one below 18. Sharp derision of their immoral and improper actions has been furnished and strict penalty has been appealed at higher courts. Both Louis and Mendy were arrested and found guilty of the incident.

One Twitter User Wrote:

“Mendy is appearing alongside his co-defendant Louis Saha Matturie of Eccles, Greater Manchester, who is also accused of serious sex offences against young women’

Another wrote:

“I feel sorry for Louis Saha, Ferland Mendy, Edouard Mendy and Bernard Mendy their name’s are being dragged through the mud, via the Benjamin Mendy ordeal The press should make it clear it’s not them involved its: Louis Saha Matturie & Benjamin Mendy”

Louis Saha Matturie Arrested

Louis Saha Matturie is an Edwin road resident who has recently been charged with four cases of rape involving young underage girls. He is from the nation of Sierre Leone. The Chesire police had punished Louis with four separate cases of rape and he has been assigned to appear in court alongside fellow criminal, Mendy.


Mendy was popularly known as the Assist King or The Great White Assistmaker for The Blues has been given a strict penalty and now the total crime count has been surmised to point seven. Louis and Mendy appeared at the court hearing on September 10 for violating the consent right and private space of the involved victims, girls of young age. According to reliable reports, Louis Saha was born in 1981 and is currently 40 years of age. Louis’ arrest was made on August 2021 for all the crimes he committed in between five-month period from April to August, the same year.

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