Psychology student, Christina Darling, 21, is arrested after spitting on Jewish boy, 8, and telling him and his two siblings that ‘Hitler should have killed you all’ in Brooklyn:

A New York woman Christina Darling was trending on the internet after the news of her arrest surfaced online. She was alleged with making anti jews remarks and abuses against the belief of jews people. She is 21 years old and from St. Francis College in Brooklyn.  According to the sources, she is still under the custody of the New York police department. Stay with the article to explore more about the incident. 

Who is Christina Darling?

Christina Darling, 21 years old girl who studies at St. Francis College in Brooklyn. We don’t have many details about her at the moment. She is making news headlines after her Antisemitic Comments on the jews people. She yells at the small children even as per some sources, she spat on one of them.

Her brutal remarks on the face of 2, 7, and 8 years old children attract immense backlash from social media users. Although the reason behind her insensitive talk against one particular community is still a matter to be revealed. 

Christina Darling Arrested

NYPD officer tracked down her and it took around two days with the help of local people. She was finally arrested on January 21, 2022. Under the charges of Aggravated Harassment, Hate Crime. She spat on the 8 years old kid who belongs to jews community. She used absurd words and also hurts the belief of the people. With the help of local people who witnessed the incident, new york police immediately took action and detained her.

Many social media users condemn her for the way she behaved with the little kids. Whatever be the reason behind it, anyone should not make these kinds of remarks which hurt a particular sentiment. This will not only creates a sense of insecurity but also widened the rift between two groups or belief. 

Dov Hikind wrote on Facebook “This young woman,  a Psych student at St Francis College was just arrested for spitting on and threatening Jewish children earlier this week in Brooklyn.

I’m glad she was found and charged with a crime, but what in G-d’s name is going on in this country that antisemitism would compel an adult to target innocent little children with such nasty and vile hatred?”

Antisemitic Comments On Jews

As per some reports on the internet, Christina Darling said that just like Hitler killed thousand of jews, similarly she will kill all the kids present at the time. Her language shows the level of hatred that still exists among the people for one particular community. We will further update you about the legal action department will take against her. 


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