Who Is Jayla and why was 9-Year-Old Arrested At Museum? Explained: Jayla, a 9 years old girl was trending on the internet after the news of her arrest broke out in the public domain. She was arrested with five other demonstrators in the Museum of Natural History. The reason was alleged to be having not an anti-vax passport while entering the Museum.

The girl arrest made many anguished on the police department of America for taking such action against the girl. When she was taken to the squad car, then some people shot the scene, and the videos circulated all over social media. Stay with the article to explore more related to the incident. 

who is Jayla?

Jayla, a 9 years old New York resident was making news headlines after she got arrested from the Natural History Museum. According to the sources, she was detained with the six other demonstrators at the place including her mother.

Their arrest was a fallout of not having the anti-vax card at the museum. The  NYPD officers can be seen in the viral clips and pictures detaining all. But later the 9 years old girl was released at the station. It Means Jayla Is Free now. 

Not much about the girl is revealed yet in the public domain. The name of her mother is Maria who is also the one who got arrested and detained in a different police van than her daughter. 

Jayla Arrested 9 years old girl

The arrest of Jayla made everyone outraged on social media. In the viral clips, one can see easily the NYPD female officer is taking her to the squad car. The video is outside the museum in new york. Now everything is fine as she is already free. “The little warrior for freedom has been released! she was arrested not showing a v card at the American Museum of Natural History in NY The parents that raise kids like this, will have raised the next generation of leaders fighting for traditional American values.Way to go Jayla”


“Eventually, NYPD officers arrived and arrested six demonstrators altogether, including a nine-year-old girl named Jayla who cried as police walked her to a squad car. “You are traumatizing a little child,” protesters told the police. “This is child abuse!”

Jayla charges 

As the sources, 9 year old arrested in new york is due to not having a v card. the card which is used as an identity for the people visiting. According to the reports, the six demonstrators who got arrested were freedom fighters. including Jayla. They received worldwide attention and demands for making them free from detention. 


After she was free by the American police, her smile and happiness can be seen through the pictures and video of the aftermath of the incident. Many praised her for having such courage and spirit. One wrote “A 9-year-old freedom fighter Jayla was arrested (or at least detained by police) along with six others for an unjuiced sit-in at the American Museum of Natural History. The staff locked them in the dinosaur room for 3 hours then called the cops at closing time.”

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