chuck hunt death: Recently the devastating news of Chuck Hunt Death was confirmed by his wife. He was well known for being the ‘first husband’ of Massachusetts’s former lady government Jane Swift. He died at the age of 67. Sources confirm that the possible reason behind his sudden departure was kidney failure. Her wife also claims he was battling the kidney-related defect for a long time and suddenly the situation went out of control. Our team shared the deepest condolences with the family members of Chuck. Keep reading to update yourself on our findings on the subject. 

who was chuck hunt?

He was a pastor and church preacher who devoted a major part of his life.  He preaches at Lake Ave Church. Chuck spread religious awareness in society and shares his knowledge and wisdom.

Many people know him as the ‘first husband’  of Jane Swift who is first lady governor in 1988. The couple was blessed with a daughter girl named Rhyen Hunt. One source claims that he graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary.  He was a passionate, happy, and lively soul with so much to learn.

People enjoy his company and learn a lot from his preaching at the church. Sadly he was making news headlines after his death confirms. He was just 67 at the time of his peaceful departure from this material world. 

Chuck Hunt Death

The saddening news of Chuck Hunt Death has left everyone numb and in disbelief. His death was mourned by many of his friends, relatives, and well-wishers. His teaching at the church changes the lives of hundreds of visitors. People learn a lot from his preaching and feel how powerful his principles of life really are. One sources claim he has experience of around 25 years in the church. This clearly shows his constant intention to gain and spread religious knwlege and wisdom. Chuck’s cause of death is said to be a kidney defect. The disease from which he is suffering for a long time. 


Chuck Hunt Obituary details are yet to reveal to the public. So far there is no disclosure from the family or relatives sharing his Brian Hunt Obituary information. Our team will update you shortly when we have enough facts. Many social media users express grief over the passing of Jane Swift’s husband.

Don Shipman wrote “Chuck Hunt, who made history as Massachusetts’ first “first husband” when his wife, Jane Swift, became acting governor, died today in hospice care at his home in Williamstown”  


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