Another shocking and heart-to-believe news just knocks on our Team’s laptop. Recently we got the news that Corey Long a physical trainer and teacher at South Gate Middle School was arrested for abusing the minors. The News is going viral on Social media and different types of comments were flooded on this. People were collecting more information about the incident while some people were demanding justice for the minor without knowing the full story. Here we will take a look at the complete story of Corey Long Arrested.

Who is Corey Long?

Corey Long is a physical trainer and teacher at South Gate Middle School. He was recently goes on Social media because of his arrested news. According to the sources, On November 20, 2021, Corey was arrested because many filed reports against him from the grade 7-8 students. Corey is an experienced teacher and also an advocate of physical exercises in Southgate Middle School. He is teaching in the school for a long time. His sudden Arrest News shock the entire community of Teachers and no doubt this will affect his career in the future.

Corey Long Arrested

On November 20, 2021, Corey Long was arrested by the local LA-based authority after multiple reports of abuse and possible rape were filed against him over the week. When this news goes viral on the internet, the whole school community is shocked. Even parents felt unsafe for their children. Corey Long is The physical trainer for South Gate Middle School which is based in Los Angeles, California. After the report filed by students against Corey, an investigation internally started indulging in immoral and inappropriate activities against the students.

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Allegations on South Gate Middle School PT Teacher

According to the reports, Corey was accused of physically touching some female students while training them in PT sessions. Corey was a physical trainer for South Gate Middle School, based in Los Angeles, California. An investigation is going on against Corey for finding the details. Corey was later arrested after the sad news of rape against a female minor surfaced on the second week of November. Currently, Corey is in jail. Such shameful abuse crime can never be expected from such high profile school’s teacher. This incident will hurt the reputation of the school in the future.

Corey Long Suffering From Stockholm syndrome

Some rumors were also circulating on the internet about Corey Long that he was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome persist, the authentic news regarding this speculated fact is very sparse. The erratic responses of Corey, his randomly vulnerable acts, and his basic tendency to act naive before the interrogator have sparked a mild doubt about the illness. But these rumors are not yet proved to be true. 

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