A piece of Heartbreaking news has just hit social media and brought a flood of condolence and tributes. Lathitha Nako, who is just 16 years old grade 10 learner committed suicide by taking pesticides. The incident was linked to her consistent school bullying over her spiritual choices. We will discuss everything in detail so make sure you read until the end.

Lathitha Nako

Who is Lathitha Nako?

She was 16 years old who studied at Bhisho high school in Eastern Cape. Lathitha Nako was in grade 10 of her school. Not much about the girl made public by the parents yet. But according to some sources, she wanted to become a doctor in her life. But sadly her step to end the journey broke everything in pieces.

“Lathitha Nako committed suicide because she was bullied at Bisho high school because of her spiritual calling.

She reported the matter several times to the teachers of Bisho high and the teachers were taking the sides of the bullies. Lathitha left voice notes to her friend that she is tired of fighting them and she knows the teachers are not going to hear her side or her parent’s side. “

The family members and close relatives are completely shocked about losing their loving child. 

Lathitha Nako Committed Suicide

Lathitha Nako taking pesticides at the hospital left everyone in utter disbelief. No one has ever expected the loving and passionate girl will end up something like this. Our deepest condolences to the family.  She was an Eastern Cape learner.

Although the investigation has already started but so far not much was made public in the case. We will keep you updated with all the relevant happenings which came in the future. 

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Lathitha Nako Death

Many sources claim the reason behind a 16-year-old girl committing suicide was bullying at school. Mostly the bullying happened over her spiritual gift. She tried to solve the matter by complaining with teachers but not much was done from their sides. That’s why she felt helpless and took the decision to walk on this horrific path.


If the school administration has taken required action against the bully, we might not face something like this. 

To show support and paid tributes many posted heartwarming messages on their social media handles.

One wrote creating to news “The tragic suicide of grade 12 learner Lathitha Nako in the Eastern Cape, as a result of bullying at school, is regrettable. We understand she had ambitions of becoming a doctor,we grieve with her family. Bullying must be outlawed in schools through legislation.”

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