Recently popular actress Daniela Stranner made news headlines and trending after reportedly her leaked chat get viral. On social media platforms like Twitter Cancel Daniela Stranner trending widely with thousands of tweets and reactions from the users. In this blog, we are going to talk about the actress and leaked chat that has created a buzz on the internet. So keep following the article to explore more. 

Daniela Stranner

Who is Daniela Stranner?

Daniela is an actress best known for her performance in the  Love at First Stream in 2021 and  Make It with You (2020). She was born to a Filipino-German couple. Her father was German and her mother belongs from Filipino. Daniela had joined Star Magic’s performance studio.

In the year 2018, she got selected for Star Magic Circle Batch. In her initial modeling career, she worked for multiple magazines and made her own identity. Because of her dedication and hard work she achieved recognition and fan following.

Daniela does not have any Wikipedia page on the internet yet. You can find her IMBD profile. You can meet her on Instagram where around 38.8k people follow her. 

Daniela Stranner

Daniela Stranner Leaked Conversations

Daniela Stranner was trending on the internet after her chat got leaked. The person behind the same remains identified at the moment. According to the reports she is receiving backlash for degrading Kaori, co-artist Donny Pangilinan, and more. Because he’s been angry with her for a long time.

“You should tag Kao so that he can get to his senses, and he will know where he is. “
“He will correct his attitude first before giving him (projects)”
This makes the fan angry and they collectively started the trend to cancel her for the act. As of now, there is no response from her side or any kind of apology. Our team is working hard to gain further knowledge of the same. We will keep you updated with the latest information and leads we receive from our sources.

One reacted “Ito ba yung stranner na nag bully sa ilong ni belle? Eh yung ilong nga nya parang palwang pinakulon. Gurl@di ka maganda. Para kang taeng naging tal ilong mo bulok”

Cancel Daniela Stranner

Following the leaked chat a trend is stealing everyone’s attention on the internet. And the trend is of Cancel Daniela Stranner. People are demanding her removal after the viral conversation. One said criticizing her “So they have a group chat in messenger with Daniela herself, and 3 of her close fans Jeyd, Lyndsay, and Pam, and you will NOT BELIEVE how toxic these people are. The upsetting part is, Daniela, is completely aware of this and also giving them permission -“

“Super pity on Daniela Stranner. It’s nice and good to act but I won’t participate in that cancel tweet as if it’s super perfect and I’ll clean up to cancel his whole personality and life. Sana Talaga serves a major lesson for her. Attitude first before talent dear.” said Jill Jowds.

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