Kristen Kay Watts is being claimed to be responsible for the accident, which occurred on the Skyway bridge. Netizens are bent on seeking more details related to this, they have been curious to explore the accident.  As far as we know DUI and DWI  are the frequent reasons for this fatal accident. In this era, several accidents take place around us in most countries. Thousands of people lose their lives in such accidents. Do you know the common cause of these accidents? It is under fluence of any alcohol and other substance. Let’s have a look into the accident and get to the bottom of this matter.

Kristen Kay Watts

Who was Kristen Kay Watts?

According to the report, Kristen Kay Watts was found guilty, who led the crash while he was driving under the influence. This terrible accident took place near Skyway 10K, where the trooper’s SUV collided. Kristen Kay Watts is a woman who was not careful while she was driving, as a result of her carelessness, the Skyway Bridge occurred on Sunday 6th Feb in the year 2022.

After the investigation, when she was caught, authorities have arrested her and charged her for driving under the influence which is why she was unable to control. She was going off the portion of northbound Interstate 275  that was closed for the Skyway 10k race and it crashed nearby head-on into a trooper’s SUV, it was reported by the Florida Highway Patrol.

Talking about the driver then, he was on the 2011 BMW 334i north on the interstate 275 at a high rate of speed about 9 am morning. When the woman arrived on the road closure for the race and she failed to detour onto US 41, it was stated by troopers.

Kristen Kay Watts

Driver Arrested For Skyway Bridge Accident

Kristen Kay Watts is 52 years old woman, her family details are not known, netizens want to know who is Kristen Kay Watts? The accident caused her some serious injuries and also troopers. As of now, the trooper’s name is not known, both of them were taken to hospital after the sudden accident. Watts is from Sarasota, fortunately, no one lost their lives in this fatal accident, it happened in the morning. We are waiting for further updates we will be right back with the latest updates, we would strongly suggest you not drive under influence.

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