David Parker, a 56-year-old man died of the covid virus. He was the owner of a nightclub in North Yorkshire. According to the family members, he did not take the vaccine and died because of the complications. David stubbornly opposed taking vaccines and also criticize them on social media platforms. After his death, his family wrote a very emotional message on social media that cause so many hearts to meltdown. One wrote: “RIP Uncle David, If you had the vaccine it would have saved you.” No doubt in this case if David would have taken the vaccine, it might help him to continue his battle with corona. We pray that his soul rests in peace. Our sympathy goes with the family members and close relatives.

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David Parker Death

David Parker’s decision to not taking vaccines cost him a life. He died recently by the complication of Covid. David should have considered his family members before taking this decision. From this incident, one can take a lesson to aside ego when it comes to life and family.

Nightclub Owner David Parker Passed Away

One relative wrote “Janet and I are truly heartbroken and in complete shock following the sudden death of our beloved brother and brother-in-law. Words cannot describe how devastated we both are after losing David Maxwell Parker to Covid-19.

We have made so many memories (many more than the photos below) which we will hold in our hearts forever.
We have been overwhelmed by the love shown and the tributes made. We know how much we love him but had no idea how much he meant to so many others.
Just remember you can’t put your arms around a memory, so hug someone you love today.
Rest in Peace David xx”

David Parker Obituary

“Seeing so many stories of unvaccinated people getting seriously ill after catching Covid-19. Some of these people, like David Parker, died, and it is so tragic because these deaths were so avoidable.” wrote Kenny Lomas

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Cause Of Death

David Parker Cause of death is Covid 19 virus. His tragic death is the fallout of his decision to not get vaccinated. On social media, he opposed taking vaccines and also shares his view in public. Today family members are in great shock. They request others to not do anything life that costs life.


David Parker was a Nightclub owner. He was 56 years old when he died. His personal information is not available to us at the time. We will update you later once we have complete data.


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