The shocking news of Missing Jay Woodall becoming viral on the internet that he founded Dead.  Jay Woodall of Atlanta has recently been found dead. This terrifying news is spreading on social media at a rapid speed. As the police statement, any confirmation about his cause of death is not yet come out but the investigation is going on. so whenever our team gets any update related to his death, we will let our readers update through this blog. Now, let’s talk more about Deceased Missing Jay Woodall, age, wiki, cause of death, found dead, and more.

Jay woodall Missing


Jay woodall Missing, Atlanta

As the sources revealed, a 51-year-old Jay Woodall of Atlanta, Georgia, was reported missing after he was last seen at Grady High School at 6:30 pm on Aug 3. He was at the Shell Gas Station on Ponce De Leon Ave half an hour later.

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One of his family members posted the news of his missing on Facebook and wrote:

“Update from family:
Thank you to everyone who has shared this post, reached out, and prayed for our family in the search for my uncle. It is with great sadness I announce that Jay’s body was found Wednesday night. An investigation is ongoing and our family greatly appreciates your prayers and thoughts during this time.
Jay Woodall (51)
Atlanta, Georgia
August 3, 2021 “

His family members and relatives really got upset when he gets missing. He was a nice guy and living a happy life.  But unfortunately, his life is ended now and he left all his relatives and family member in condolence.


Jay woodall was a 51-year-old man who died for an unknown reason. As per his family, he was a kind-hearted personality who loves to love others. As per sources, was last seen at Grady High School at 6:30 pm on Aug 3. He was at the Shell Gas Station on Ponce De Leon Ave half an hour later. 

He is 6’2 and 220 lbs, with blue eyes and brown hair.
Any other information related to him is not yet revealed by his family. 

Jay Woodall Found Dead

As the reports said, when Jay woodall is founded, he is already dead. This horrible news gives heavy shock to the family of Jay woodall. They are in deep condolence of losing such a great personality. His sudden death arise many questions like how did he die, where he was, and many more. But Currently the investigation is not completed yet and there are still some answers left to get.

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Any official Obituary is not yet come out from any official sources. As people who know Jay Woodall was in heavy condolence and paying tribute to him on social media platforms. May God gives peace to his soul. Here are some tributes to the deceased family:

“Melissa Woodall Curtis, that’s my sister’s neighborhood ! I just asked them to share with their network in Va Highlands. I am so sorry to hear this.”

“So sorry to hear this Melissa. We’re hoping he is found safe quickly.”

“Shared and praying”

“Prayers that he will be found.”

“I hope he’s found quickly. Please keep us informed.”

“Shared and thinking of you and your family, Melissa. Praying and hoping he is found quickly and he is safe!”

“What?? I just saw Dawn at the meeting this weekend! How can I help? Please, message me her number”

“Melissa I’m so very sorry to hear this. I have shared. Please keep us updated. I know you and your family must be working so hard to find him. Prayers”

“Shared on my page down here in Florida but with my many friends in the Atlanta and surrounding areas. Prayers for Jay’s safe return and for his family and you!!”

“Oh Malissa I hate this for you and your family! I shared and of course hoping that he is safe!”

“Oh I am so sorry Melissa!! I am Praying for his safe return!”

“Oh my gosh – praying for his safety and I am sharing”

“Oh Melissa, I am so sorry. I shared on my page and am praying for all of you.”


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