Another Missing news is recently hitting the internet hard. Recently our sources give us the news of Dylan Rockne Flanagan, a man who got missing. Let’s start with who is Dylan Rockne and how did he go missing?

Who is Dylan Flanagan?

Dylan Flanagan whose full name is Dylan Rockne Flanagan is a man from Irvine, California. As per the news, He has been reported missing for the past couple of days. Everywhere on social media, people were talking about him and praying for him back home. His close friends and relatives tell his physique as the height of 6 feet and 1 inch tall and his weight has been described as 170 to 190 pounds. On his Facebook account, he had uploaded a photo of himself with his girlfriend

Dylan has brown hair and brown eyes. Furthermore, he has a distinctive brown mustache and beard. reports claim that he was wearing a navy Hawaiian shirt the last time someone saw him. Also, he was equipped with a straw hat, black sunglasses, and tie-dye boardshorts.

Dylan Rockne Flanagan

Dylan Flanagann Missing

Dylan Rockne Flanagan went missing on October 10, 2021, at around 5 PM. The last person who saw him was Aimee Flanagan. On Social media, his family is doing everything what they can do for finding a trace of his son. They have reported to the police and its been 2 days, police havent found any trace of Dylan Rockne Flanagan.

Dylan Rockne Flanagan has a girlfriend named Hellen Orellana. They have an overwhelming relationship. Dylan and Hellen first met at UC Santa Barbara. Furthermore, he has a sister named Catherine Elizabeth

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His close relatives said that he is not the kind of guy who would disappear like that without informing anybody. This is really strange where he went suddenly. By profession,  he is a former researcher at Ettenberg’s Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory. His age is 28 years as per his family members. He is a smart guy who can take care of him. But still, his family, friends, and relatives were upset because of his missing. We pray that he isn’t facing any kind of trouble.


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His girlfriend wrote:

“Hi friends, my sweet boyfriend of 4 years and I came to Clearlake, CA with our dog on Thursday to stay at a lake house Airbnb rental to celebrate his birthday and work promotion. He was last seen kayaking on the lake around 5 PM PT on Sunday, October 10.He was wearing board shorts and a tshirt with a straw hat and sunglasses. He had a camelback with him. He has been missing since. If you or anyone you know has seen Dylan or have any information PLEASE contact me. If you know anyone who can help lend a boat in the area please let me know as well. Please help me bring him safely back to my arms. If you can share this post that would be much appreciated.”

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