Recently social media lament the death of Roseville Area Schools principal Brian Koland. The American-based school head death was confirmed on 12 October by many sources. He had a very good relationship with school workers, teachers, and students. Everyone is now deeply shocked by the sudden passing of their loving master. Our team shares the deepest condolence with the family member of late Brian And includes them in our prayers. Stay tuned to the article to discover more about him.

Who Was Brian Koland?

Brian Koland was the Elementary Principal at Roseville Area Schools which is based in Maplewood, Minnesota. The school has the Twitter account as isd623. According to his LinkedIn profile,  He completed his master’s from the University of Minnesota and got a specialization in Education and teaching. He also went to Hamline University from 1988-1992.

Brian did not have any Wikipedia page on the internet. From the social media messages, it was cleared that he was a down-to-earth, dedicated, and loving educationist.  His student loved him so much for his polite behavior towards them.

Roseville Area Schools Principal Death

Brian Koland Death is shocking news that came out in public on 12 October. The cause of his sudden departure was not cleared by a family member yet. Also, there are no reports hinting towards any health-related illness. Our team is consistently checking for more facts. We will soon update you about the same in near future.

Brian Koland Suicide Attempt

There are some sources on the internet claiming the reason behind brian Death was suicide. We are waiting for more confirmation and shortly notify you further about the same.

WCCO – CBS Minnesota wrote on Facebook “Roseville Area Schools Principal Brian Koland has died by suicide, the district announced Tuesday. The number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255.”

Brian Koland Obituary

Family members have not stated anything about Brian Koland Obituary so far. They all are deeply shaken by the unexpected passing of their loving family member. Sources confirm that he was a married man and blessed with children. the loss incurred due to Brian’s passing can’t be expressed in the words.  Till the end of his life, he maintained very good relations with family, friends, and school students.

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How Social Media React?

After the death of Brian, many social media users took their accounts to mourn the news.

“Principal Koland had been a member of the Roseville Area Schools community for nearly 30 years, most recently as Edgerton’s principal. While he had been on a leave of absence since the start of the school year, he is well known to the community. Before Edgerton, Mr. Koland served as the principal of Emmet D. Williams Elementary, as a special education supervisor, as an English language coordinator, as well as a teacher and coach in the district.”

One wrote mourning the death of the principal “My heart is so heavy with this news. Mr. Koland left a lasting impression of love and kindness on so many families. This is a huge loss for the community, but i send my deepest condolences to his family and the ones who loved him most.”

Scott Schneider wrote “The Roseville Area Schools community is mourning the unexpected death of Principal Brian Koland. His family allowed the district to share that he died of suicide. Counselors will be working with students and staff over the next several days.”


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