We are heartbroken to announce the death of Chicago’s famous rapper Edai. The well-known name in the Chicago Rap industry is not more between us. He was barbarically killed by gunshot on Saturday night. He got multiple shots of the bullet on his back and died of severe injuries. Edai who was well known by the name Edai 600, was one of the talented souls in the rap world. The loss of his life is can’t be express in words. We paid deepest tributes to the family members.  Let’s thanked him for all the amazing rap he had given to this rap world.

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Edai 600

Edai 600 Dead

The stunning news of famous Chicago rapper Edai 600 was shot dead on 31 July 2021. He was 32 at the time of death. The unexpected death has shocked millions of his fan following. Gucci was the song from which he started his debut in the music world. With passing years he got so much attention all over the world for his astonishing rap lyrics. The case is under investigation. Stay tuned to never miss the latest updates.

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600’s #Edai was shot and killed in the early hours of this morning in Chicago at the intersection of 72nd street and S. Bennett Avenue. Spot News is reporting he was shot twice in his back, but pronounced dead after being rushed to University of Chicago Medicine. RIP @KingEdai600″

“Rip edai you grew up wit me all that shit you thought i had against you I didn’t ion wanna see nun of my niggas like that cause when I just got graze you was checking up on me lowkey worried free cdai man” wrote LilReese300

Edai Death Cause

Edai popularly known by the name Edai 600, shot twice on his back. Later when he was taken to the University of Chicago Medicine, he was declared dead. The tragic death of the Chicago rapper raised so many questions.  The matter is still under the investigation of the police.  So far neither any arrest nor any suspect name is revealed. Once any update is turned up related to the case, we will update this blog. 


Edai 600 Obituary

Recently we have noticed so many rappers got shot dead. It was really sad for humanity. We pray these things to change soon so that we can live in the world of peace and prosperity. here are some messages wrote by social media users reacting to the death of Chicago rapper Edai 600. “Lord I’m praying for my city, there has always been gun play, but not to this extent! Praying for thus brother who lost his life. Young people please stop! Lord, heal the land”

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One wrote:”So damn sad…but let’s remember this ish is happening everywhere..anywhere poverty lies there is gonna be a lot of violence and crime..Chicago is one of the biggest cities and many areas are facing the broken window theory (poverty) and when the projects were demolished this caused the oops to be forced to coexist right next to each other..so when you hear 50 ppl shot it’s not one area..but the real problem is there are now clicks (made up gangs)with no structure..these young guys will kill you if you look at him the wrong way..these parents are not raising their kids anymore the streets are..so this problem is not going way no time soon..and yes I’m from Chicago and still living it..When I was younger there was a code to the streets that doesn’t exist anymore that’s why there are so many babies, kids, women, and elders being killed senselessly..and yes I hate it here”


Edai, called by the name Edai 600 was a Chicago drill rapper. He was popular after his first song “Gucci” touched so many hearts.  In February 2014 he found his solo album name Came From Nothing. He was born on 8 November 1988. He was very passionate about music that’s why he crosses the music world threshold only at the age of twenty.  Edai 600 was on news headlines because he was shot twice on his back. Later he succumbed to his severe injuries when transferred to the hospital. Information related to his personal life like his Relations, alma mater, and Net worth is not available to us at this time. 


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