The tragic death of the f1 marshal is confirmed recently. The incident took place at British Automobile Racing Club,  Brands Hatch in England.  He got severely injured in the accident after hitting the speedy car. When the paramedical team was sent it was announced that he succumbed to the severe injuries in his body. After the incident, all the racing activities were canceled. It was a totally unexpected accident that happened in seconds. So many people all over the world paid tributes to the deceased marshal. We share our deep condolence with the family members and relatives.

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F1 marshal Death

It was sad that we have lost one of the competent racers so tragically. The incident was happed at Brands Hatch when two speedy car racers hit hard each other. According to the sources, the f1 marshal got deep injuries and aftermath succumbed to it. Here is what the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team said on Twitter: “The Mercedes-AMG racing family sends its condolences to the family and friends of the volunteer marshal who lost their life at Brands Hatch yesterday. We couldn’t go racing around the world and do what we love without the support and work of the volunteer marshal community.”

We sensed so many supportive statement for the marshal from all over the world  “After hearing about what happened in Brands Hatch I feel for the marshals community. Marshals are risking their lives when they are volunteering (most of them are volunteers) we need to thank them daily. Hoping to hear good news” Said, someone

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We are saddened to hear that a Marshal tragically lost their life today at Brands Hatch. We have their family and friends in our thoughts. It’s utterly devastating news #ThankYouMarshals for all that you do for our sport, it wouldn’t be possible without you”

“So sad to wake up to the news of a race marshal losing their life. F1 is such a dangerous sport and it really should be appreciated how much effort goes into all of it. My thoughts are with families who have lost someone in this sport. “


F1 Marshal

Death Cause

The f1 marshal’s death cause is a tragic crash with another racer. The incident was happed when both the driver came in contact at finishing straight.

Track marshals are gonna have a very busy weekend with yesterday’s unfortunate incidents and from what I’m hearing about rain going on, on the track for the upcoming F1 race. Pray no more incidents happen and every driver and marshal and anyone else stays safe #F1″

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There is no doubt in it that marshals play a very important role in sport. Our best wishes and sympathy goes to the family members of the amazing marshal who lost his life.  “RIP to the marshal who was tragically killed in an accident at Brands Hatch today. Marshals volunteer to do this role, without them, racing, even at F1 level wouldn’t happen. Thoughts and prayers to his family, friends and marshaling community “


We did not have information relating to the personal and professional life of the F1 marshal. Stay tuned with us, so that when we update our blog,  you wouldn’t miss it.


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