eligio lee bishop popularly known as  The Nature Boy was again trending on the internet following the release of the news of his sudden arrest. The information came out on social media and circulated quickly. Although lots of details are yet to come in this regard. We will share everything our team has collected so far on the arrest of Eligio. So stay with us a little more to explore further details. 

Who is eligio lee bishop?

Eligio Lee Bishop is a model, barber, and stripper. He is well known as The Nature Boy. Also, Eligio is a self-proclaimed god due to which he often remains in the news. He had faced some minor allegations and got arrested for the same in the past. Like in the year 2009, Lee was arrested for illegal entry into Georgia.

After two years of the incident again got alleged with the theft. In 2014 after getting a Licence he opened his own barbershop in Georgia. You can find him on major social platforms including Instagram where he has thousands of posts.


Damon Tucker wrote “The leader of the “alleged” cult that arrived on the Big Island, Eligio Lee Bishop, has asked for a jury trial and will sit in jail until he can raise the $4,000 bail.

If Bishop doesn’t make bail, his next court date will be on June 25th at 8:30 a.m. in Hilo Circuit Court.

A Hilo attorney has contacted me and will be representing Fern Acres Homeowner Tylea Fuhrmann in her court matters.”


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Eligio Lee Bishop Arrested

This time the reason behind the nature boy arrested was claimed to be possessing some illegal weapons at his place. The information about the same was broke out on the different social media platforms on 14th April 2022.

The leads also confirmed that his house was investigated thoroughly and the cops found some illegal weapons. Although there are lots of questions that remain unanswered at the moment.

One reacted to Eligio Lee Bishop Arrest” Is this fear I see in Eligio Bishop’s eyes? The sexual deviant, woman beater, and Cult leader Nature Boy, [who calls himself “God” ] just got arrested by the feds.  Apparently, the real GOD showed up and took this Blasphemous demon down. Get him, God!”

We are waiting for further confirmation from the official source to get more clarity in this regard. We will keep you updated with further updates so kindly follow our website deathmiltia.com to never miss a single update. 

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