The former army General Ray Odierno recently passed away at 67. Huge social media shares and posts were circulating on social media paying tribute to General Ray Odierno. We mourn the Death of a beautiful-hearted personality who is popularly known as General Ray Odierno, May god peace to his soul. We will learn all about his death further in the article.

General Ray Odierno Died at 67

Who is General Ray Odierno?

Unfortunately, Our world lost another legendary army person on 9 Oct 2021. In the whole united states, the former army general is a reputed personality who gains a lot of respect from the general public as well as from his juniors. He was a true leader who have all the qualities for being a General.

As he was a popular personality, he also owns a Wikipedia page. As per his Wikipedia, He served as the 38th Chief of Staff of the Army of the United States. As a result, he retired as a four-star general. His demise has left the eyes of many in tears.

RIP General Ray Odierno


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Ray Odierno Death

Sadly, General Ray Odierno has passed away on October 9, 2021. At this point, our team is not able to found the actual cause of death as any official sources haven’t revealed it yet. But we are continuously working and surely update the article very soon. Sources confirmed that Ray Odierno was at 67 at the time of death.

Confirming on Twitter, a former army officer, Tony Cucolo wrote, “Ray Odierno stood by me during a period of time (in a combat zone) when I felt very much alone in the institution I loved.”

He added, “Was witness to character and moral courage in action; he was a steward of the profession. It can be said Well done! Be thou at peace.”

Many other big authorities and personalities have also written something on Ray Odierno Death.

Former Assistant Secretary at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs James Hutton Wrote:

“Yesterday we lost an Army General for the ages. Multiple high-level tours in Iraq and later as Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, GEN Odierno led the way. We celebrate the life of General Ray Odierno.”

Another big facebook personality wrote:

“Hearing this morning that former Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno has passed. Personally, he was the inspiration for a lot of humorous outtakes, and a solid professional through and through. Until Fiddler’s Green, Chief.”


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