Recently a piece of shocking news comes to our ears about the Death of Popular Florida Rapper Money Mitch Reportedly Shot and Killed. This news makes our all staff members really upset even a flooded of Messages and questions came on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. People are looking for the right answer to their question about, is Money Mitch Dead or alive?

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Money Mitch Wikipedia

Mitchell Holmes took the famous name of Money Mitch from his brothers, John and Alex Holmes, when he was very young. They called him that ever since and have been a large part of his inspiration. Holmes said his biggest influence was his brothers. “They were always rapping around me as a kid and were a big reason I started rapping because I was always close with them.” 

Popular Florida Rapper Money Mitch

As per the sources, in the age of 12 years, Money Mitch started making awesome music. But the interesting fact about him is that he also want to be a footballer than a rapper. saying: “I loved playing football until I stopped in middle school,” Holmes said. “I ran out of time for it because music became more important to me.” 

He started dropping songs in 2016. His first hit was “813 Anthem,” which received 2,300 views on YouTube and Spotify. 

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Money Mitch Death

This is really shocking to hear about The Death of Money Mitch. Becasue losing such a talented personality is really painful for every country. He was  a nice guy who is full of talent and hard work. He own the fame in small age just because of his hard work and talent. But unfortunately, he died very soon. But still any confirmation about his death is not yet come out, so we are waiting for the official confirmation about the Death of Money Mitch. 

Rapper Money Mitch Cause of Death

As Our DeathMilitia Team, not find any evidence of Money Mitch Death yet, so we are unable to Provide you any update related to cause of death of Money Mitch. Even any official confirmation is not yet come out which shows that Rapper Money Mitch is died. We request all our readers not to believe on any of rumor. 


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