The shocking news of famous Chef Soundararajan’s death at the age of 64 has broken down so many hearts. Soundararajan who is a popular  Indian Federation of Culinary Associations (IFCA) general secretary died due to a sudden heart attack while he was attending a webinar. The news of his death is confirmed by IFCA. It is really sad that we have lost one of the most responsible people in the IFCA organization. After the news got spread on social networking sites, people share their tributes and condolences with the family. 

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In this article, you will encounter many facts related to the personal and professional life of Soundararajan, Death Cause, Wiki, Age, Net worth, wife, and others. 

Chef Soundararajan Death

Chef Soundararajan Death

Chef Soundararajan, a veteran secretary of the Indian Federation of Culinary Associations passed away recently due to a heart attack. He received so many awards and recognition from time to time for his innovative thoughts. There is no doubt his departure has given entire India a big shock. Chef Soundararajan was also the Founder of Culinary Vision PVT LTD. There are thousands of RIP messages on social media sites. Like Chef Thiru reacted to the death and wrote: “Team WGSHA, Manipal expresses our heartfelt condolences to Chef Soundararajan’s family. This is an unbearable loss to his family and the chef’s fraternity. His contribution to the culinary world will always be remembered. May his soul rest in peace.”

Atul A Gokhale reacted to the news of Chef Soundararajan death as :”Woke up to a very shocking news of Chef Soundararajan’s passing away… Not an age to go… But just think he passed away while wearing chef’s Uniform during webinar. What a commitment… You have inspired many of us… worked with him for over 8 years Om Shanti”
No matter how far he is from us, his place in our heart will be intact.
Cheryl John wrote: “Waking up to a shocking news! #ChefSoundararajan #Restinpeace Chef Soundararajan was more than just a chef I knew. He was my culinary guru, coach, and mentor. I still remember speaking to him before the webinar. Working with IFCA will not be the same! You will be missed, Sir!”

Chef Soundararajan Death

Govinda panday wrote on twitter: “we have lost a very very dear Chef Soundararajan is no more with us.Life, unfortunately, means there has to be death. It is inevitable, and as much as we hate losing those special people from our lives we have to come to terms with it. Rest in peace Om shanti”

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Chef Soundararajan Death Reason

As per the sources, Chef Soundararajan was attending a webinar when he got a sudden heart attack on  July 23, 2021. Shortly after the news reached media houses, social networking sites were flooded with thousands of RIP messages and posts. By looking at these messages one can understand how important the life of the IFCA secretary is. We shared our deepest condolences with the family of Soundararajan. And also thanked him for all he has done for the welfare of society. 

Chef Soundararajan Wikipedia

Chef Soundararajan belonged to Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He was around 64 years old when he got a heart attack and set off his departure.  He completed his Bachelors from the Madras University of India in Mathematics and Statistics. After working with many organizations like Mahindra Holidays & Resorts and others, he got so much experience in the field. Later he was selected for the post of general secretary in IFCA. Soundararajan’s innovative and industrious approach towards his work is the vital factor of his successful career. There is not much information available to us which clarifies more about his personal life. Like his wife, children, siblings, etc. We make sure to makes this information available soon. 

Net Worth

So far we did not have the total valuation of Chef Soundararajan’s asset.  We will announce it later, so keep following us to get the latest updates. 


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