Recently fitness freak Jake Andrich was trending on social media due to so many rumours about him being gay all over the internet. Jake is a famous fitness model and YouTuber. He has experience working in some adult sites name Onlyfans. The rumours of Jake Andrich as gay was spreading on the internet widely. So many people reacted to the news and also shared it with others. And this creat a tornado of post and tweets on social media related to the topic. As per the sources, the origin of the rumours is said to be his post on Onlyfans sites. After the post, some social media users announced him as gay. So far there is no clarification from the side of Jake that came out related to the rumours. And this makes rumours more weighty.

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Jake Andrich Sexuality 

The Jake Andrich post on his adult site Onlyfans has brought so many questions and beliefs on social media. So many people on social networking sites spreading the message that he is gay. Recently in Youtube Live broadcast, Jake was asked about his actual gender whether he is gay or not. And his answer came out very confusing and amusing at the same time. He replied that he is neither.

One more reason why the rumours took momentum is that in his recently clicked photo he was almost 50% covered with the tattoos. And he wrote in the caption that it matches with his fluid sexuality.

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GMSPORS wrote on Twitter: “Phenomenon Jake Andrich’s pose with a thong became a trend on social media. Jake states that as a man, he finds it appropriate to dress like a woman. TikTok and Instagram phenomenon Jake Andrich shared a photo of himself in a blue thong on his Instagram”

Jake Andrich Wikipedia

Jake Andrich also called with the name Jakipz. He was 25 years old as of now. He belongs from Alberta, Canada. He was born on November 7 in 1996. He was well known for his adult site Onlyfans. Jakipz did not have any Wikipedia age on the internet.  According to one source, his total net worth claims him as a millionaire. He also owns a youtube channel with 186k subscribers. The information related to his girlfriend is not available to us at this moment.

Social Media

Jake Andrich has a Twitter account in which he was followed by 713.7K Followers. Mostly he tweets and notifies the followers about his new content on the Onlyfans site. Here is the Twitter account link of Jake Andrich. 

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