janice long is a famous English radio broadcaster her recent death rumors were spreading on Twitter. find Janice Long is dead or alive here: English radio broadcaster. Recently death rumors of Janice Long is spreading all over social media especially on Twitter. But our sources had confirmed that Janice Long is alive and not dead. Although we will look at the complete information in the article. So be with us.


who is janice long?

Janice Long is a famous English radio broadcaster. She made a debut on BBC radio 1 in 1982 and then she has become a well-known figure in this industry. Recently she was again gaining fame on social media because of her death rumors. This is true that Janice Long is suffering from an Unknown Illness for several months but this doesn’t confirm her cause of death. Her death rumors first started circulating on social media on the 25th of December 2021 and now people are worried about her.

Janice Long Dead or alive

Janice Long’s death rumors are catching fire on social media making people worried. Sudden Death news caused flooded on Twitter as people were showing their worries in the form of tweets and comments.  Many popular sources were claiming that she is dead but we are more sure that she does not die yet. Any of her family members have also don’t issue any confirmation of her death yet. Just because she was hospitalized because were thinking that she is dead.

Nevertheless, there is no relevance in the news, and it is a death hoax. But, we are still unaware of what gave fire to these rumors in such a manner. Recently, a user on Twitter has shared a screenshot of her daughter’s recent Instagram story. In the picture, she was seen spending time with her family. The family is probably together for the holidays.  Thus, this proves that the news is fake. Those who were worried could assure her good health and safety.

Daughter’s Instagram story

Janice Long and her husband were together since 2017. They are blessed with a beautiful daughter and recently they the family seem together in her daughter’s instagram story. The broadcaster was previously married to Trevor Long. They also won contestants on the first edition of Yorkshire Television’s game show 3-2-1 in 1978. However, they separated after five years of marriage. In 1987, Janice started dating Paul Berry. They had two children together. However, the pair took quite a long time to tie the knot. Finally, they got married in 2017. 

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